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Fortnite is finally available on Android, Download it now!

Fortnite is finally available on Android; Know how to install it?

The popular game Fortnite from Epic Games has finally arrived ashore to Android as a beta version after weeks of drifting from iOS to Android. Originally launched with Samsung Galaxy Note 9, the Android version of Fortnite soon became available for all compatible Samsung Galaxy smartphones and soon, it began to become available across few other smartphones too with its invite-only protocol.

But today marks the official incoming for Fortnite on all Android smartphones assuming that you have a compatible smartphone that can support the heavy architecture and intense graphics of the much-anticipated game on Android after PUBG, Pokemon Go, and a slew of other games.

For those who are eager to download the game, remember that it is not available on Google Play Store because apparently, Epic Games doesn’t want to share 30 percent of its revenue with Google as distribution fee to offer the game on Android via Google Play Store. Thus, the developer has offered an Android installer on its website from where you can grab the game citing that your phone is compatible. Any doubts? You can also check if the phone is compatible to play Fortnite or not on the Epic Games website.

Download Fortnite for Android here!

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