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Fortnite: Is Chapter 2 season 4, What will happen in chapter 2


Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 4 has promised to be the most exciting season of this franchise. As Fortnite is continuing to grow bigger with each passing week, here’s what you need to know about the Week 6 challenges to level up your battle pass.

Fortnite has brought the players into the mid of the season which is extensively Marvel themed. This has leveled up the challenges that the game introduced to the fans over the last five weeks. Here’s a detailed look of what you can expect in week 6 of the game so that you are very well ready to tackle the battle.

What challenges are expected in Fortnite week 6?

As the week 6 or Fortnite season 4 is fast approaching, let’s take a look at the leaked battles. As per the reports, there will be eight challenges. And as each task gets completed, it will grant the players with 25,000 XP.

There are also some other challenges that will offer 50,000 XP. For this, the players will have to deal with the damage after they knock the opponent’s back with Black Panther’s Kinetic Shockwave.

A detailed description of Week 5 Fortnite challenges

1) At the Weeping Woods search for 7 chests for 25,000 XP
2) At the Misty Meadows, the player has to Secure 3 eliminations for – 25,000 XP
3) From the Coral castle the player has to Collect 300 Stones for 25,000 XP
4) The player needs to Consume a Legendary Fish for 25,000 XP
5) At the Holly Hedges, the player has to Consume Foraged items for – 25,000 XP
6) The player needs to ride a Zipline from Retail Row to Steamy Stacks for 25,000 XP
7) The player needs to knock the opponent back with Black Panther’s Kinetic Shockwave and deal with the damage for – 50,000 XP
8) At the slurpy swamp, the player needs to Deal 500 damage to opponents for – 25,000 XP

In week 6, it is expected that most of the challenges will continue for the players on the various platforms.

Where will the Week 6 challenges be available?

It will be available on Xbox One, PS4, Windows PC, Nintendo Switch, and Android platforms. The players who have the battle pass can enjoy all the challenges of Fortnite Season 4 Week 6 and earn the XP.  Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 4 is wildly successful. You should grab your battle pass now and complete the challenges which is focused around the Marvel Superheroes.

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