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Ford’s upcoming pickup truck might get the name Maverick

Ford has a vast lineup of pickup trucks that is loved all across the globe. The American auto-marque registers a hefty inflow of cash every year, made possible by the sale of these loved pickup trucks. Evidence that shows the love for the company’s pickup trucks is that the Ford F-150 is the highest-selling pickup truck in the U.S. While, the F-150 represents a higher point in this lineup, its the Ford Ranger that marks its entry-point.

The pickup truck Ford Ranger made a comeback in 2019 after being lost in oblivion for almost 8 years. Currently, the Ford Ranger represents the entry-point in Ford’s lineup of pickup trucks. However, that may change soon.

There are several reports and evidence that Ford is whole-heartedly involved in introducing the world to a new pickup truck and it seems like the nameplate Maverick may yet again make a comeback with this smallest pickup.

Several names have been drifting around the Internet since the time we found out about Ford’s arrangements to present a little pickup truck situated underneath the Ranger. It seems the Blue Oval is enthused about restoring a denomination of the past. However, it shows up that the names we can least expect on this upcoming truck is “Courier” or “Ranchero” and things are not going to go the way people believed it until some time.

The Fast Lane Truck, which happens to be a forum based upon trucks and pickups, have gotten from a mysterious tipster what seems, by all accounts, to be a CAD form of the latest pickup truck’s rear end, uncovering the “Maverick” name and it’s conspicuous that a more delegate drawing would incorporate a Ford identification underneath the back end handle, as a ford-badge-shaped slot can also be seen on the image.

Ford has already used and trademarked the Maverick name previously and it may bring back recollections of the little coupe and sedan vehicles sold in the United States through the greater part of the 1970s with a straight-six or V8 motor under their hood, sending power to the back wheels of the ride. The coupe-styled model was harvested principally to combat the growing popularity of the Volkswagen Beetle and other eco-friendly Japanese models and was in the long run supplanted by the fancier Granada.

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