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Food Lion Hours: Planning to go Grocery shopping at Food Lion? Know when to go!

Food Lion

Most of you guys must rely on Food Lion for your grocery. However, this pandemic has managed to disturb every individual’s routine. But don’t you worry, because Food Lion is always there at your service. Food Lion has been actively working with safety measures, for you to fill up your kitchen on time. Although, the COVID-19 has changed Food Lion’s working hours, it’s still on for good. So if you are looking to visit Food Lion, this article will come in handy for you.

What is Food Lion?

Food Lion is a 62 years old American Grocery store and chain, spread around the country. It was founded in 1957 in Salisbury, North Carolina. Initially, the store only operated in Salisbury, which later started to spread around. Today, Food Chain is headquartered in Salisbury. Moreover, it operates over 1000 supermarkets in 10 states of the Mid-Atlantic and Southeastern United States. With that widespread operation, the store has around 65300 employees at 1,029 locations. In addition, the current slogan of Food Lion says “This is Our Home. That’s Our Food Lion.”

Food Lion Hours

Food Lion is one of the largest grocery stores in America. Certainly, Food Lion is so huge, that it has become a Grocery Store Chain in America. However, with the current COVID-19 situation, people got worried and confused about purchasing. But Food Lion has assured a safe operation amidst the pandemic. The store has adapted every possible way to prevent spreading of infection.

One of the ways to control the COVID-19 at the store is by changing the operation hours. As a result of the pandemic, Food Lion has done the same. However, the store is open every day, Saturday to Sunday precisely, from regular 7 AM to 11 PM. But now, the store has started special senior hours for senior citizens. Hence, the company caters customers above 60 years of age during the Food Lion Senior Hours. The Food Lion Senior Hours lie between 7 AM to 8 AM on Mondays and Wednesdays.

How is Food Lion working in the pandemic?

Like every other store, Food Lion has made sure of preventive measures at the store. Firstly, social distancing is a must. Secondly, nobody can enter without a mask. Above all, there are timings for senior citizens as mentioned above.

In addition, the company has been active in talking about the issue of COVID-19. Moreover, it had issued an official statement regarding the operations of Food Lion in the pandemic. Moreover, the store chain has appointed 5000 associates to cater to the customer needs.

Also, Food Lion has been involved in donating meals for the people in need during the time of crisis.

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