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Flying Spiders: Where is it originated and How to get rid off from it

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In recent times, people are spreading the news in social media like Twitter and Facebook that a new breed of spider is coming to the US in June 2020. And it’s said that it is a Flying Spiders. It is still not declared that this news is true or false. But this flying spider is one of the top trends in the US.

Does these spiders fly?

Yes, this breed named the Flying Spiders can fly. But this spider’s wings don’t help the spiders to fly, they are just the web around them that looks like wings. And also it’s not completely true that the spiders can’t fly. These wings come under a documented phenomenon called ballooning.

Is flying spider a new breed?

No, the flying spider is not a new breed. This type of spider belongs to a species Larinioides Sclopetarius. And these species do their migration in the months between May to August. They are commonly found in high rise buildings in Chicago. These spiders don’t have wings that will enable them to fly. They are usually carried by the wind when they spin balloon-like webs. These are also known as grey cross or bridge spiders. The scientists have also mentioned that these spiders use atmosphere static electricity to fly. These spiders are found near water bodies as these are a type of orb weaver. They usually migrate from May to August. These spiders get attracted to light like the other flies, insects and moths found in the high rise buildings.

In 2012, the image of the flying spider went viral. It was found in the high rise buildings like Willis Tower, Hancock Center, Hilton Hotels and also huge residents. The people believed that these spiders may take flight and attack the people but no such thing happened in the past. Then it was found that the image was a fake one. It was a picture of a fishing spider which is found near the water bodies. Later in 2015, the government sent a notice to residents of the Hilton hotel that the windows of the resident should not be opened as it was the season of migration of the flying spiders.

Do the flying spiders bite?

Flying spiders are not dangerous to humans. They do have fangs and also produce venom while they bite. But they are not poisonous and they don’t require any medical treatment. They are usually scared of humans and stay away from species that attack them. So these flying spiders are not harmful.



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