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Flying Spiders: Are Flying Spiders real and do they bite?

After the news of murder hornets invading the US started trending, rumors are widespread that Flying Spiders are next in the line.

According to some sources, and it is not established whether this source can be trusted fully, people are claiming on social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram that Flying Spiders are coming to the US.

Are Flying Spiders real?

Even though we have not known Flying spiders before, they are definitely not a new breed of spiders as. Scientifically speaking, they are a member of the Larinioides Sclopetarius species.

In their annual migration season, Flying spiders are a common sight in the high rise buildings in Chicago. This is usually between the months of May to August. So, they migrate during this season and can be spotted easily in Chicago, US.

You might even know this spider by a different name. It is also commonly known as bridge spiders or grey cross spiders. But, even though the name insists that they can fly, they do not have any wings to do so. Instead the Flying Spiders spin balloon-like webs and with the help of wind they can traverse great distance.

Hence, the spiders have got their name since they can cover distances with the help of wing. Scientists have also claimed that they use the atmosphere’s static electricity to take flight. These spiders lives on rocks near the water bodies.

The Flying Spiders have been commonly spotted since 2012 in the residential high-storeyed buildings like Willis Tower, Hancock Center, Hilton Hotels and other such places. This is also referred to as the flying phenomenon of spiders in Chicago. Since these spiders are attracted to light, they nest themselves on the high rise buildings to feed on pests like flies, moths, insects. As the spiders are found in large numbers from May to August, it is sometimes also stated as the Chicago phenomenon.

Do the flying spiders bite?

While the Flying spiders have fangs and do produce venom, but this is not dangerous to the humans. Even if they bite you, you will not have to undergo any medical treatment. These spiders do not encroach the human space as they are quite scared of human beings. Hence, you do not have to fear the Flying Spiders.


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