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Floyd Mayweather is all Content with New Girlfriend after Facing an Abusive Marriage

Floyd Mayweather

Floyd Joy Sinclair known with the name, Floyd Joy Mayweather has been an exceptional boxer in his days. Representing America through his ability, Floyd has now become a professional boxing promoter too. No to forget, he was given the title of “fighter of the decade” by the Boxing Writers Association of America. Besides his professional life, what interests people and his fans more is his love life and relationship status.

The Accidental Death of his wife Harris:

Floyd’s ex-wife, who was also a mother to 3 of his children, Josie Harris was discovered dead after the overdoes of drugs crawled her body up. She was in her car when she was discovered but the cause of death was not instantly released. It was later the medical department released the statement “mixed drug toxicity” that people were assured of her death by drug overdose.

Floyd’s bashing to Harris:

In 2010, Harris, after she could no more bear the physical and mental trauma came out in public to openly slam her husband, Floyd. She stated that she has been both physically and verbally abused by Floyd on six occasions and that she needs reciprocation. It was then Floyd was imprisoned for 2 months in 2012. Floyd had also agreed with Harris as a drug abuser on several chats shows explicitly showing the more than bitter relationship with her.

Floyd is Back to dating and is leading a cheerful life:

fans of boxing are no stranger to the name Shantel Jackson. She is the girlfriend or rather say current girlfriend of Floyd. We show did not forget to give her enough footage on that special Saturday night in Las Vegas where Floyd was to face Miguel Cotto. She is a model who loves keeping a private life when it comes to relationships. We cannot bet that they are married but it seems that the couple has been engaged as of now and would soon be marrying each other.

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