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Fleabag: What is the plot, release dates,cast and characters

Fleabag Season 3

Fleabag is based on Phoebe Waller Bridge’s one-woman show. She had written this because of a challenge put forward by her friend. He had asked her to come up with a storyline in 10 minutes. The one-woman show of fleabag was a success. The show at present has done two seasons which premiered on BBC. Season two was the final one. However, Sad news for the fans as there will not be a renewal of season 3 as mentioned by the writer/actor of fleabag. But you never know if she will change her mind.

The show released its first season on 21 July 2016, followed by the second one on 4 March 2019. Phoebe Waller-Bridge is the writer, creator and main actor of the series. The show is directed by Harry Bradbeer and Tim Kirkby. The show is in English. It has a total of 12 episodes.

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The main protagonist is addressed by the name Fleabag. The show talks about a violent, free spirited, and confused woman. However, her life is presented with a mix of humor and sarcasm.

Season one begins with the protagonist grieving about her friend who accidentally killed herself after her boyfriend broke up with her. She owns a cafe with her. Fleabag’s mother had died few years back after which their father married their Godmother. She and her sister Claire are grieving over their mothers death very differently. However, the only commonality they share is their hatred towards the Godmother. The season ends with her confessing to all her mistakes at the same time worsening the relationship with her step-mother. She decide to kill herself the same way her best friend died but was interrupted by her bank manager who stops her from doing it.

Season two is about Fleabag rising from her guilt and insecurities and finally finding her love in a forbidden place. It doesn’t work out as they both lead very different life and he had to choose his oaths before her.

Cast and characters

The main cast includes: Phoebe Waller Bridge as Fleabag, Ben Aldridge as Guy, Bill Paterson as Dad, Sian Clifford as Claire, Brett Gelman as Martin, Jenny Rainsford as Boo, Olivia Colman as Godmother, Hugh Skinner as Harry, Andrew Scott as the priest and Hugh Dennis as the bank manager.

Fleabag season 3?

Phoebe Waller Bridge, the writer and creator of the show had mentioned in an interview that there will not be a season three. But the fans are still holding onto their hopes as she had said something similar before the release of season two. If a renewal is done, we can see what Fleabag is up to next and if she succeed in finding her soulmate.

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