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Will Fleabag Season 3 be coming on Amazon Prime Video?

Fleabag Season 3

Fleabag Season 3 has become speculation, whether the season will be launched or not. The creators are pressurized to launch another sequel for the series. Even fans are eagerly waiting for the renewal of the series. Here’s what we have brought the news regarding Fleabag whether it is coming or not.

As of now, according to some reports, the chances for season 3 are very low. The creators have not shown interest regarding the renewal of Season 3. Even, when writer of the Series asked in an interview about the series, then she replied that she doesn’t think that there is a need for another season of the series. By this, all hopes go off for a new season of Fleabag. Now only it depends on time. If her mind changes that show will come.

Fleabag written by Phoebe Waller-Bridge is a British comedy-drama television series. It was directed by Harry Bradbeer and Tim Kirkby (pilot). The original language of the story is English whereas, the country’s origin is the United Kingdom. Two series with 12episodes are there of Fleabag.

It was originally produced for digital channel BBC by Two Brothers Pictures, Three in a co-production agreement with Amazon Studios. This show premiered on July 21, 2k16 and concluded its second and final series on April 8, 2k19.


The story revolves around a dry-witted woman who’s only known as Fleabag. She had no filter so she searches for life and love in London while trying to forget and normalize with her tragedy. She rejected everyone who tried to help but and tried to heal her by herself only. She was angry and grief riddled. Phoebe Waller-Bridge, comic actress was also started in the series as the titular character which fields based on Waller-Bridge’s 2k13 One-woman show of the same name.

Fleabag Cast and characters:

Phoebe Waller-Bridge as Fleabag, Sian Clifford as Claire Fleabag’s sister, Olivia Colman as Fleabag’s and Claire’s godmother, who is now having a relationship with Fleabag and Claire’s father not long after their mother’s death and apparently has become their Stepmother. Bill Paterson as Fleabag’s and Claire’s father,

Brett Gelman as Martin, Claire’s American husband, Hugh Skinner as Harry, Fleabag’s ex-boyfriend, Hugh Dennis as Bank Manager, approached by Fleabag for a loan

Ben Aldridge as Arsehole Guy, one of Fleabag’s love interests, Demetriou as Bus Rodent, one of Fleabag’s love interests, Jenny Rainsford as Boo, Fleabag’s deceased best friend/business partner, Andrew Scott as the priest, with whom Fleabag falls in love, Fiona Shaw as Fleabag’s counselor, Kristin Scott Thomas as Belinda, a successful businesswoman who meets Fleabag at an awards ceremony presented by Claire, Ray Fearon as Hot Misogynist, who serves as Fleabag’s lawyer and one of her love interests , Angus Imrie as Jake, Martin’s teenage son and Claire’s creepy step-son, Christian Hillborg as Klare, Claire’s Finnish business partner and love interest and Jo Martin as Pam, who works at The Priest’s church.

Fleabag Season 3? 

Maybe ‘NO’ as  in April, Clifford confirmed to the BBC that “there will not be any third series.” As she said, “I’m desperate to play Claire again.” But the actress told ELLE U.K. that she was happy with the ending.

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