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Five ’Season 4’ Fan Theories To Bring Back The Joy Of Your Life

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Netflix Spanish Drama “Money Heist” the all-over the world-famous show had blown up fire on streaming network when it was premiered first in 2017. It shows which is based on thrills, tragedy and off, course little bit romance present in every turn of the story.

“Money Heist “ fans can rejoice as the series is set to return once again with another heist for the gang to take on. The Dramatic cliffhanger that marked the end of part three is ready to respond with Season 4th. Now, not only has Netflix released the date for the new series, but the streaming giant also dropped the first look at the new show. However, Season 4th is ready to return on 19th July 2020 on Netflix.

Hence, here the Five fan theories which is essential to know before watching Season 4!!!

1. May this season Nairobi may not make it?? 

According to fan theories, it possible that Nairobi may not make it this season. If you remember the third season last episodes in which the team all work together to try and save Nairobi from bleeding out. However, it was not revealed she dead or not, but fans think that she is no more. There is chances she continues the show but for some flashback scenes.

2. Professor sees Lisbon again??

Sources said that there is the possibility that Professor will see the Lisbon again in Season 4th. And fans think that Lisbon breaks the Professor trust and become a traitor in season fourth. Well, for this, we have to wait when the season 4th streaming on Netflix.

3. Next season Rio And Tokyo will part their ways, but always remain friends!!!

Is it the two Rio and Tokyo will always remain friends in the next season of Money Heist?? Well, it is a mystery for all. We all know that Rio and Tokyo paths are not similar, and they both did some stupidity in the previous season of Money Heist. So, for understanding how they always remain, friends, we have to watch the next season.

4. Alicia has something to do with the gang of Heist? But What??

There’s a lot of theories that she is Tatiana, and off, course fans love it if that were to be true. The fact that she plays her cards so well may be supported by how she understands how Berlin and The Professor’s brain works. Therefore, fans get ideas that the rumor is true. She is Tatiana definetly.

5. What is the reason behind Alicia’s pregnancy? She portrayed herself as a pregnant lady??

 Something may happen to her pregnancy, either she’s going to give birth or something else as far as we know when you’re that late in the pregnancy, you shouldn’t be working stressful jobs. However, there is something fishy with her pregnancy. So let’s see what will be happening in the next season of “Money Heist.”

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