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Finding Nemo 3: Is there a plan for a sequel for Finding Nemo?

Finding Nemo 3

Most of us are aware of the story of our favourite clownfish Nemo. We have all connected with his father on his journey to find his son and save him from humans. However, Finding Nemo first hit the screens on May 30, 2003. The movie won a huge viewership and many accolades followed. The man behind this wonderful movie experience is Andrew Stanton who is the director, writer and screenplay writer. Graham Walters produced the movie. Finding Dory was the sequel to this which premiered in June 2016 after a long gap. However, the fans were eager to watch this and the movie also bagged millions in its box office. Now, the question arises regarding Finding Nemo 3 from the Finding Nemo franchise. The possibility is high as the creator also mentioned about widening the franchise. As we know they tread carefully with sequels and so we might have to wait until the team is ready with another story for our favourite fish friends.

What is the movie about?

Finding Nemo tells the story of little clownfish Nemo and his father Marlin. The story opens up the beautiful bond between the father and son and the struggles they deal with. Nemo loves to explore and want to see the human world too. However, his father is always overprotective and limits his son’s freedom to his nearby surroundings. Things change its course when Nemo gets abducted by humans in the Great Barrier Reef. This journey that Marlin takes to find his son pushes him to take risks and also trust his son’s capabilities.

The third sequel can start with their life or the life of Dory considering the second movie. However, we can be sure the team will bring something very exciting for both its audience containing kids and adults.

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Other updates on Finding Nemo 3

Finding Nemo 3 has not been given any green light yet but we can expect it to come out in future. Since the team releases its sequels after a long gap, we might have to wait a little more. The creator has mentioned his desire to continue and widen the series. Since no much information has been provided, we cannot give you a release date as of now.

The cast of the movie who gave voices to the characters are Jackson Scott as Nemo, Albert Brooks as Marlin, Elizabeth Perkins as Coral, Ellen DeGeneres as Dory, Hayden Rolence as Oliver along with the other characters.



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