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Final Fantasy 14, Why was the game taken down?

Final fantasy was a 2010 video game. It was a multiplayer online role-playing game. The game was designed for Microsoft windows personal computers. Final fantasy was developed by Square Enix. This game is the 14th number entry into the original final fantasy series. The game has a multiplayer mode. After various issues and conflict, the game finally came live on 30th September, 2010. This game got a new title after much criticism. The game had various structural and development issues.

How was the setting of the Final Fantasy game?

Final fantasy was set in the fantasy realm of Eorzea. The players are required to take control of an avatar that is customized. They explore the land and there are chances of being caught up. The players need to destroy the Primals. This is possible by bringing the planet’s moons down on Eorzea.

The game has two different quests for the players. One is story quest while the other is Levequests. The story quest gets unlocked if the players gather experience points. In Levequests the player focuses on combat. In Final Fantasy 14 the player can play long without joining any party. You find no auto attack system in this game. You need to manually input the action when an enemy is targeted.

What are the characters in the game?

The player is always a customized avatar. This idea of avatar is taken from the main five races of Eorzea. These all avatars are playable. The first avatar is Hyuran who is the human like Hyur. The second avatar is Erezen, the elf like elezen. The rugadin is also an avatar. They are otherwise the physically dominant Roegadyn. The other avatar is Raraferu, who is the diminutive Lalafell. Mikotte is also an avatar in the game. They are otherwise called the feline Miqote.

Why did they reboot the game?

The game received various negative criticisms from the critics. It faced many backlashes by the players. The first and foremost problem that they faced was the user interface. The features present were unusual for the genre of the game. This led to various quality standards deterioration. Gradually, the subscriptions were also suspended for the windows game version. Many other developments were done to the game later. The free trial was renewed twice for the players. The game was structurally flawed.

This unusual release of the game affected Square Enix. This company met a loss of 90% in that subsequent year. The brand of final fantasy was also blamed. After many controversies the Final Fantasy game was taken down. The developers then started working on it. From a basic level the game was rebooted and rebuilt again. In 2013, it released with a new title. A Realm reborn was the title given to it. This new game was accepted positively by all.

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