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Fetty Wap’s daughter Lauren died of Cardiac Arrthymia, shares Lauren’s mother Turquoise Miami!

It is a hard time for the rapper Fetty Wap and his ex-girlfriend Turquoise Miami as they recently lost their daughter Lauren Maxwell.

Lauren Maxwell was 4 years old and the news of her death was revealed by her mother Turquoise via Instagram, after the rumors of Lauren’s passing began to circulate. Miami had shared a beautiful clip of her daughter enjoying in a swimming pool, and accompanied the post with a sweet heartfelt message on Sunday.

Miami captioned the post, “This is my amazing ,beautiful , funny , vibrant, loving ,talented , smart and hardheaded princess mermaid Aquarius. If you see this post scrolling by with her comment or just say to yourself “i love you LAUREN” because they say that souls can feel your love #rip💔”

According to the reports, Lauren Maxwell passed away of 24th June at her home in Riverdale, Georgia.

The co-parents to Lauren, i.e. Fetty Wap (Zavier Jordan Maxwell) and Turquoise, hadn’t shared the cause of their daughter’s death earlier. However, according to the recent reports, Lauren died of complications from a heart defect- Cardiac Arrhyhtmia that she had since birth.

The update was also shared by Lauren’s mother today via an Instagram post. Miami shared, “Her death certificate says cardiac arrhythmia due to congenital heart defect.”

Additionally, Turquoise also shared her anger on a media outlet for revealing Lauren’s medical condition which led to her demise. Calling out TMZ and Hollywood Unlocked for citing her daughter’s death certificate, Miami wrote, “BUT THAT IS NOT THE FULL CAUSE OF HER (Lauren) DEATH THAT IS WHY THE AUTOSPY HASN’T COME BACK!”


In a series Instagram stories, Turquoise called out the media stating, “I’m tired of my privacy being invaded. I’m tired of people lying on my child. I’m tired of people reporting lies about my child.” She continued, “You’all love Breaking news so bad but this is my life and it’s me without my daughter and none of you y’all! I feel loneliness every night not none of y’all! Y’all so fuckin Thristy to report a 4 year old.”

“This is my trauma that is why I posted and moved HOW I FELT COMFORTABLE,” posted Miami.

“THE MOST DISRESPECTFUL SHIT YALL COULD EVER DO TO A HUMAN BEING @hollywoodunlocked @tmz_tv I hope if y’all even met with this type of situation that people show y’all the same disregard that y’all 2 blog owners have shown me!” wrote Miami in the caption. “And that have the audacity to PUT MY GOVERNMENT NAME that has not been on the internet, on the Internet DO YALL SMOKE CRACK !?”

On the other hand, Lauren’s father Zavier Maxwell, aka Fetty Wap is also full of tears for his daughter’s passing. Lauren was one of Zavier’s six children. A few days ago, The 30-year-old rapper shared a smiling picture of his late daughter on Instagram calling her “mini me.” He wrote in caption, “Hey mini me (My Twin)… “I love you to the moon and back forever and ever bestfriend…”

Later, on Tuesday, Zavier celebrated his late daughter’s life with his fans, with a collage of blue emoji butterflies on Instagram Live. Fetty said, “She’s good. My baby’s happy now.” During his social media memorial, the rapper had a picture of Lauren. Kissing Lauren’s picture, Fetty said, “My shorty… That’s my little twin right there.”

Moreover, Fetty also asked his Instagram followers to fill his comment section with butterflies to pay respect to his daughter, as butterflies were Lauren’s favorite animal. He said, “If y’all could do me a favor. Just post all butterflies on my s–t.”

He added “Shorty loved butterflies…and if y’all could do that, it’d mean a lot to me.” Needless to say, the fans immediately filled the comment section with butterflies, which caused Fetty to break down in tears.

The grieving father thanked everybody saying, “Man, thank y’all… That’s love. I appreciate ya’ll, for real. Damn…. That’s love. She’d be happy as hell.”

On one hand, people on Internet showed great love and support to the mourning parents of Lauren, on the other hand, Fetty Wap recently had an experience of the cruelty of people and Internet. From his other Instagram account: “wayneout1738,” the rapper shared a screenshot of a racist and mean text that he received in his DM.

The message was from an unknown person, which read, “how’s your n*gger daughter,” with some laughing emojis. Although the New Jersey rapper did not give reply to the text, but sharing the screenshot, he wrote on his story, “This the weird sh*t. one of the main reasons I hated posting my children kause ppl like this … It’s kool though ima pray for you gang.”

Later, the user of the account admitted that he made those mean comments to Fetty Wap about his daughter, and shared yet another such post stating that he doesn’t care. In another Instagram post, the user ‘gianna_diagastino_’ wrote, “f*** fetty wap and his daughter… think I care.” While around the same time, he tried to apologize via one more post stating, “im sorry for being racist and asking him how his daughter is.”

Currently, the user’s profile also addresses the incident as he has written in his description, “I SAID SORRY YALL DOING TOO MUCH.”

Fetty had six children, including Lauren. The rapper first acknowledged Lauren’s troubling condition after his performance at Miami’s Rolling Loud festival last month.  After this performance, he wrote in his Instagram story: “LoLo daddy did that sh— for you last night baby girl.”

According to the reports, Fetty Wap recently became active is his daughter’s life and his and Turquoise’s relationship as co-parent was improving by the time. On Tuesday, Turquoise had publicly asked fans to share some love and show compassion to Fetty.

Responding to a fan criticizing Fetty Wap’s parenting, Turquoise defended her ex-boyfriend and the father of her child, stating in a lengthy post stating, “You don’t have to kick a man while he’s down, Losing a child is as down as it gets.”

That day, the dancer and musical artist had also admitted that although she did complain about Lauren’s father in old videos and posts a few years back, but their “co-parenting had improved off the gram.” She told, “We came to a better place for Lauren.”

Turquoise also shared that the rapper had become “more financially and emotionally responsible” for his daughter. She said, “All that Y’all need to know is Lauren loved her daddy and he loved her. She made him laugh with her crazy funny personality and she loved to be the center of attention and he loved to be her audience.”

She had also requested people via her Instagram story to “Send [Fetty Wap] some [blue butterfly emojis] he’s hurting y’all and needs some [uplifting] too,” and be “more compassionate.”

Moreover, Miami also thanked people and her followers for their love and support during this difficult time. She wrote, “The energy is appreciated and felt.”

Rapper Fetty Wap and artist Turquoise Miami, who became popular with her track “Trap B*tch” had their daughter Lauren in 2017. However, there is no absolute information about the timeline of their relationship, including when they officially began dating. Nonetheless, providing that Fetty had another child with Elayanna in 2016, and another child with Masika Kalsyha in 2016, hence, Fetty and Miami’s relationship is speculated to be for a brief period.

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