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Feel Good Season 2: Renewed or cancelled? Find the details here

Mae Martin’s semi-autobiographical sitcom, Feel Good is a tv show which with its warm and good feeling makes us binge out the entire first season. But what is the fate of this romcom about sexuality and addiction? The series as of now has not been renewed for a new season yet.

Premiering on All4 in the UK and worldwide on Netflix, the first season was released on 18 March 2020. While we are still sceptical whether the series will return for a second season, Mae Martin is undoubtedly considering the idea. In an interview, she said, “Nothing’s confirmed, but we have loads of stories to tell. I want to see [Mae and George] go to Canada and see them try to transform that relationship into a healthy long term one – and if they can do it.”

We want to know what is in store for Mae and George, and Mae Martin wants to know that too. Whether they bring out the best in each other, or they are not made for each other, the show still needs to bring out this story.

Mae explores her career, her spiralling love life and past experiences in this series. Here’s what you need to know about the second season.

When will the second season of Feel Good be released?

As of now, the series has not been updated for a second season. We are hoping that it will get a renewal soon.

Feel Good Season 2: Who is likely to be seen?

The cast will probably include

1) Mae by Mae Martin

2)George by Charlotte Ritchie

3) Linda, who is Mae’s mom, by Lisa Kudrow.

4) Maggie by Sophie Thompson.

5) Phil by Phil Burgess, George’s flatmate.

Feel Good Season 2: Plot

There is a lot of scopes to develop Mae and George’s potential relationship in season 2. Mae in the finale of season one relapses into her old life again, and it will be much more difficult for her to get out of it.

Mae sleeps with Lava and breaks her heart as she does not harbour any feelings for her. Mae also needs to come clean to George and confess it out as George questions her in the finale if she has anything to confess. Season 2 of Feel Good has lots of drama to unfold, about the mess that Mae has created for herself.


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