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Feel Good Season 2 is set for release, but what is the date?

Feel Good Season 2

Feel Good Season 2: A well-acclaimed rom-com drama series released that is already with the season one in March 2020, also fans went crazy over it, is in the speculation nowadays for another sequel. The film is delivered by Ally Pankiw, the drama focuses on the life of a young adult. The show that has received great love for its brilliant performance, interesting storyline, and its peculiar romance between them, has been renewed with season 2.

Read further to know about the cast, plot, and trailer of Feel Good Season 2.

The Release Date for season 2 – Feel Good

The Fans of the show are curious to know whether will they get to watch season 2 or not. So far, Netflix didn’t renew the series of season 2. Unfortunately, it can take a bit more time to speak about the show’s comeback for Netflix as the COVID-19 outbreak put the production crews on a break. Let’s hope for Netflix to release an official statement soon for Feel Good comeback. If this renews soon, the fans and all the viewers of the show can expect season 2 to be passed on Netflix by the next mid or end of 2021.

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The Cast for Season 2 -Feel Good

According to the sources, we can expect the cast in the first installment to entertain in the second season as well. Since there is no official notification yet about the new cast of characters. Let’s dive back –
Mae by Mae Martin,
Charlotte Ritchie as George,
Lisa Kudrow as Linda (Mae’s mom),
Maggie played by Sophie Thompson, Narcotics’ secret sponsor of Mae.
Phil by Phil Burgess, George’s flatmate.

Let’s wait for some time and look int the cast members after getting any clues.

The Plot for Season 2 -Feel Good

As we got to see that, Mae strived to maintain her prudence and sobriety among her uncontrolled profession and also her love life with George. And how he makes effort to hide her truth away from her roommates about the drug issue. As in the second season, the viewers might get to see how they both will balance their relationship with little imperfections. Mae would endeavor to keep herself from using again, thus he might encompass her new voice of expression.

The Trailer for Season 2 – Feel Good

Feel Good season two trailer is not launched so far. So we can predict that there will be an official trailer announcement date of season 2 soon.

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