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Feel Good Season 2: Here’s What You Need To Know!

Feel Good is a British comedy-drama tv program, and as the series title suggests, the show has a lot of heartfelt warmth and good humour that gives it a light touch even when it deals with heavy insightful subjects quite ingeniously. The screenplay has been written by Mae Martin and Joe Hampson.

Feel Good is a 6 part program and the show had made its debut on Channel 4 in the UK on 18 March 2020. The series is distributed worldwide by Netflix, and it was made available on 19 March 2020. This comedy-drama talks about the life of Mae, who is undertaking the journey of recovering from her addiction and has taken to comedy. As she is dealing with withdrawal, her romantic journey makes it more challenging for her. Her new relationship with her girlfriend, George, is quite complex, and it seems to be consuming her too much as the relationship is passionate but messy.

The journey with Mae Martin exploring her career, love life, and past experiences is quite refreshing for us as it offers a certain level of relatability factor for us. While the first season was a good show, here’s what you need to know about the second season of Feel Good.

Will there be a second season of Feel Good?

It seems probable that Netflix will give the green light to the second season of Feel Good, but it is not certain when it will happen. We hope that the show gets an early renewal.

Feel Good Season 2: Who is likely to be seen?

We can expect to see the following cast members in the second season of Feel Good-

1) Mae will be played by Mae Martin

2)George will be played by Charlotte Ritchie

3) Linda, who is Mae’s mom, will be played by Lisa Kudrow.

4) Maggie will be played by Sophie Thompson.

5) Phil will be played by Phil Burgess, George’s flatmate.

Feel Good Season 1: Ending Explained

The ending of the first season of Feel Good was an emotional one. Mae deals with her heart-break by once again reviving her addiction that she had chosen to walk away from while George tries to keep at bay by becoming more confident of herself and independent. We are waiting to see how the characters will align their future trajectory.




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