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Fed-Ex shooting: 8 people killed in Indianapolis!

In a late night shooting on Thursday, eight people were shot dead at a Fed-Ex facility in Indianapolis. According to the reports, after the mass shooting, the shooter killed himself too. Other than that, there are several other injured in the incident happened near the Indianapolis International Airport. The Police was called at around 11 pm, after a gunman open fired in and out of the Fed-Ex facility. Moreover, the identity of the gunman was not identified immediately.

As per the police spokesperson Genae Cook, at least four people are hospitalized, and one of them has serious injuries. There were two more injured people, who were treated and released at the scene.

Indianapolis police Deputy Chief Craig McCartt told, “The (gunman) came into the parking lot, and I believe he exited his vehicle and quickly began shooting… The first shooting occurred in the parking lot, and then he went inside and did not get very far into the facility at all.” According to what he heard, the shooting lasted for 1-2 minutes. He also said it was extremely chaotic when they arrived at the scene. He said, “we arrived to a very chaotic scene, with victims and witnesses running everywhere,”

There was no firing from the police as the culprit had shot himself upon police’s encounter. As of now, the gunman’s motive behind the shooting has not been identified, but it’s known that he carried one rifle sort of weapon. However, investigators are looking if he had more.

One of the Fed-Ex employees, Timothy Boillet, who was inside the building at the time said, “After hearing the shootings, I did see a body on the floor behind a vehicle… He added, “Somebody went behind their car to the trunk and got another gun,” which he doesn’t know if that was the shooter.

Soon after the incident, the Fed-Ex also released a statement addressing the shooting. It said, “Safety is our top priority, and our thoughts are with all those who are affected. We are working to gather more information and are cooperating with investigating authorities,”

Other than that, Indianapolis Mayor Joe Hogsett thanked the first responders for taking care of the situation. He tweeted “Thank you to all of our city’s first responders for their tireless work overnight. Their quick response provided critical aid to those injured in the shooting and brought a measure of calm to an otherwise chaotic scene,”

US Rep. Andre Carson is also in contact with local authorities to get all the information of the incident. He has also offered help to the affected people in any way he can.

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