Keep all your information safe from hackers: Puffin browser

    Puffin gives users a faster-browsing adventure when skimming the internet with smartphone devices. Certainly, it provides users the most innovative technology possible. As a result, it incorporates specialties such as high-resolution photographs, picture filters, simultaneously animated transformations.

    puffin browser

    NAME Puffin browser
    PUBLISHER Cloudmosa,inc
    GENRE Tools
    SIZE 22 Mb

    Some features of Puffin Browser Pro

    • It has a fast page loading speed rate.
    • In addition, you can watch movies in theater Mode or Flash videos and games.
    • As a result, you can now download Java scripts faster.
    • Moreover, it has desktop and Mobile browsing styles.
    • Most importantly, you don’t need to worry about the advertisements as it will block ads.
    • Above all, virtual touch-pad and keyboard are available.
    • Other than that, this browser will immediately remove all session history, cookies when you use an incognito web browsing tab.


    Puffin Internet Browser has many characteristics to enhance your browsing activity. Most importantly, the greatest advantage is its high-speed browsing. Moreover, the browser presents users with the most enjoyable browsing activity. In addition, its superior animation and graphics allow users to experience steady and swift navigation onto their device.

    Another unusual characteristic of Puffin Internet Browser is its photo filters attribute. As a result, you are allowed you customize and design stunning photo impressions in your browser. Other than that, the photo impacts include digital zoom, picture cropping, and additional innovative applications for editing photos.

    Web Browser APK latest version

    Puffin web browser is for both iPhone and Android users. Puffin also encourages websites to come to this browser. Moreover, users can skim millions of web pages through this web browser. You may see pictures in their full size and zoom in and out smoothly.

    One characteristic of Puffs Internet Browser is its capacity to manage a Wi-Fi attachment while on the go. The browser connects to Wi-Fi networks than cellular networks that drive a more accelerated browsing activity for customers. As a result, the users connect to the world wide web everywhere they’re without worrying about their connection.

    Web Browser Pro

    Puffs Internet Browser has an extensive library of themes and frameworks you can select. Hence, there are hundreds of various stuff to pick from that highlight comics, pets, sports clubs, monsters, animations, and animation figures, vehicles, wildflowers, and more. Above all, these themes are refreshed periodically, which guarantees that users obtain the most recent ideas and colors they want.

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