3 Sporting Legends You’ve Never Heard Of

    While some of these names will be familiar to those who ardently follow the respective sports, some names you may never have heard, even once in passing. Of course, with the tens of thousands of athletes who have been active in our lifetimes alone, it would be a virtual impossibility to follow every sport and every player. That’s why we’ve chosen three sporting legends you might want to be introduced to. Each has something to commend them in the world of sports.

    1. Stan the Man

    Let’s start with Stan the Man, a 22-year veteran of the St. Louis Cardinals. That’s right. He played Major League Baseball for 22 years and each and every one of them was with the Cardinals. That in itself is amazing – to never have been traded. However, in that career he:

    • Was named MVP for the National League three times.
    • Played on 24 All-Star Teams.
    • Played on three World Champion Teams.
    • Won seven batting titles in the National League.

    He was often mentioned as being a real gentleman with a high level of consistency in his games. While the average fan of today may have heard of Stan Musial, you can be sure that any player honing up on skills in the Diamond Mine online simulation games takes imaginary batting lessons from this seasoned pro.

    2. Brittney Reese

    No, Brittney Reese isn’t a baseball, basketball, football, hockey or any other major sports player, but she has much to commend her to the world of sports. For example, from 2009 to 2013, Brittney never lost a World Championship and what’s more, she came in First Place at every event during that time. So then, what is her sport?

    We’re glad you asked! Brittney Reese is a long-jumper of Olympic fame. She has:

    • 1 Olympic Gold
    • 2 World Championships (Indoor)

    And, to date, it is said that she may have set some world records in wins/gold medals. This is one young lady today’s youth should emulate. She gives each and every meet her all and it shows in her winning record.

    3. Ashton Eaton

    Do you recognize that name? Most of us wouldn’t but Ashton has won high praise from other athletes in his sport. Ashton took home the Gold in the 2012 Summer Olympics in his sport. He has set world records in the decathlon and heptathlon, leading one famed former Gold Medalist to declare Ashton “perhaps the greatest athlete to ever walk the face of the earth.” This high praise came from a former decathlon Gold Medalist, Trey Hardee, whom you might not recognize either, but in the sport, he is well established, as has Eaton become in recent years.

    The point in all this is that there are certain qualities that winners all exhibit and among them are a willingness to work long and hard to achieve their goals. They maintain a high level of sportsmanship and each has set records, arising from virtual obscurity. Set your goals high enough and you too can be a great sporting legend. It doesn’t matter if anyone knows your name; your accomplishments are what matters and these three set the bar.

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