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Fantastic Four Reboot Was A Failure, Here’s Why

There were a lot of high expectations surrounding the release of Fantastic Four reboot.

It goes without saying that there were a lot of speculations surrounding the release of the recently-released, Fantastic Four reboot. It had made big promises however, it was washed by the hands of the critics. The criticism that were overcoming the release of the film, didn’t actually work out well for the audience. In fact, even the director of the film reacted to the criticism by stating that when he had the fantastic vision, he was expecting to receive great reviews. However, he has accepted the fact that one will probably never see that and it seems like this is the true reality as of right now.

The movie featured some real talent such as Toby Kebbel and Michael B Jordan as well. The actors have ended up defending the movie, ever since the movie released. In fact, even Trank ended up softening his opinion on what the movie was really like, in the recent honest review. The writer also went on to work on Polygon. He is also a famous director, who has spoken about what exactly went wrong with the movie. Turns out that there was a lot of things that weren’t going quite as expected right from the original development phase of the movie. The creative control was not in the hands of Trank. In fact, it has always been in the hand of Fox. Therefore, Trank ended up hiring Jeremy Slater. This gentleman was the same guy who ended up helping in the development of Chronicle. He had worked on the same project alongside Trank as well. The two had become a group that worked well. However, this challenge wasn’t faced well by the two, it so appears.

Apart from this, it was further revealed that Trank ended up suggesting that they should organically set up the adventure and fun on the set of the film. He wanted the filmic version of the characters to truly shine out. However, he didn’t expect it to not go along well with the comic essence of the movie. In a quote, the director stated, “The first Avengers movie had recently come out, and I kept saying, “That should be our template, that’s what audiences want to see! And Josh just hated every second of it.” The director further went on to add, “The trials of developing Fantastic Four had everything to do with tone. You could take the most ‘comic booky’ things, as far as just names and faces and identities and backstories and synthesize it into a tone. And the tone that was interested in was not a tone that I felt I had anything in common with.”

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