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Fairy type Pokemon: What are the new abilities and how to encounter them?

The fairy type pokemon is one of the eighteen pokemon elemental types. The overture and creation of fairy type pokemon are to offset the type chart by curtailing the strength of dragons, while also giving an offensive boost to the poison and steel types. These species of pokemon are commonly determined as cute and elegant and also featured as feminine in the portrayal of partway pink in colour. 

There are 34 fairy type pokemon created in Pokemon Go. you can encounter the Fairy Type pokemon in large numbers at churches, monarchies, cemeteries and monuments etc.

What are the weaknesses and strengths of a Fairy-type pokemon?

The fairy type pokemon are forcefully against fighting type, dragon and dark types. Fairy attacks are resisted by poison, but poison is weak to Psychic-types moves.

At the same time; fairy type pokemon are vulnerable to steel, poison types and because they are usually analyzed as tiny and cutest so a whole area of steel would mash it easily, the fire-type would also burn to end in the fire as they are neat and unstable. The fairy types pokemon are often charitable creatures and they are much stronger than in their size portrays them to be, they are easy to intoxicate as they will shortly die as they can’t heal themselves as well as others.


Who is the strongest and powerful Fairy Type?

The extensively influential pokemon in fairy type is Xerneas; who is one of the few fictitious pokemon, it has a considerable ability known as fairy aura which powers up all of its fairy actions, this can make it a harmful enemy to any pokemon with a drawback to Fairy-type moves, like steel pokemon; The Xerneas also has a very great tendency to attack. 


What are the abilities of Fairy-Type?

In the new version of Pokemon Go Gen 6; They have the ability of Fairy Aura- powers up each Pokemon’s Fairy-type moves, Pixilate are normal-type moves that become Fairy-type moves. The exclusive abilities are Aroma Veil, which protects and its allies from the attacks that limit their movement choices.

flower veil describes the ally Grass-type Pokemon are protected from the status conditions and the lowering of their stats. Misty Surge which turns the ground into Misty Terrain when the pokemon enters a battle.

The items you can receive from the Fairy-type?

  • Fairy Gem, which boosts a fairy type moves one time and a gem with an essence of the fey.
  • Fairy memory, which contains Fairy-type data, Fairium Z that converts Z-power into crystals that upgrade Fairy-type moves to Fairy-type Z-moves.
  •  A Pixie plate is a stone that strengthens the power of Fairy-type moves and Roseli Berry that will reduce the damage taken from one super effective Fairy-type attack.

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