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Facebook Launches Live Audio Rooms for Global Audience!

The largest social media platform Facebook has launched an audio hub for podcasts and live chats for people around the globe. Earlier this year, the company had announced several audio-based features, and now they have introduced a hub for these updates. One such amazing feature is Facebook’s Live Audio Rooms, which the platform has begun rolling out to people globally.

However, the feature is only available for selective users, which include public figures, creators, and other groups globally. This new feature by Facebook is the result of the rising interest of people in Clubhouse. The live audio feature allows the selected users to hold group discussions on the platform with others.

The service has been rolled out by Facebook for trial in the US. However, the social media giant made the announcement of the global launch of Facebook’s live audio feature on 11th October. Facebook in the US recently added the options for podcast listening. Currently, the company is busy testing the Soundbite audio bits as well.

The news about the global launch of live audio rooms was announced by Facebook Executive Alexandru Voica. As per Voica’s Twitter announcement, the verified account of public figures, creators, and Facebook groups will be enabled to host Live Audio Rooms or sessions to hold discussions with multiple people at the same time. The Facebook Executive stated that the platform is looking for more ways to enhance connectivity between the creators and communities among themselves.

Alexandru wrote on Twitter, “Live Audio Rooms available to public figures and creators globally: From today, all verified public figures and creators will have the ability to host Live Audio Rooms. We’ve seen it become a great tool for lightweight connection and conversion among various types of communities.”

The Live Audio Rooms feature by Facebook was first announced in June 2021. Back then, the feature was available for the iOS app only. As of now, Facebook’s live audio rooms are in the testing phase for Android as well as desktop. As told by Voica, Facebook is also indulged in testing the ability to create such live rooms from the android app and the ability to listen to the audio from the desktop.

With Facebook’s Live Audio Rooms, users can listen to and even join the conversations. The people who are allowed to host the live audio rooms, i.e., verified public figures, creators, and groups, can invite their friends, followers, and any other verified public figure to join the room and be the speaker.

Facebook has kept a limit for participants in one live audio room. The number of speakers in a live audio room is 50, but there is no limit to the number of listeners. Besides, the users can find the option to join a live audio room from their news feeds and via notifications. Moreover, the users will be notified whenever a new listener or speaker from their friends or follower list joins in the conversation.

Users can also enjoy live captions, and they can also raise their hands to request to join the conversation. Moreover, the listener can also use emoticons to share their reaction and keep the discussion interactive.

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