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Facebook has launched a new AI model!

Recently a new model of Facebook AI has been launched by the company. It did not just search and develop AI but relied on technology to work. The AI capabilities start with a text. DeepText system is a deep learning engine that can understand text almost as humans do. It is composed of many neural networks. These networks are used by DeepText to process the written word as it is used on the platform. 

In many ways resulting data can be used. More than 20 languages can be understood by the company, and this helps them to serve audiences across the globe and to have a better understanding of queries in its Messanger app. A significant role AI will play in how the company develops its own messaging and artificial assistants capabilities. What is happening in the image is auto-classified by the image recognition without human captions or tags. Users can search photos using keywords even if images are unannotated. Its DeepFace AI system is responsible for image identification which was launched in 2014.

Facebook AI recent changes –

Recent developments allow Facebook’s machine learning algorithms to annotate photos with texts automatically. This will make the blind users more comfortable and more easily searchable by all. Facebook, in 2016, open-sourced a number of its image recognition tools to accelerate facial recognition progress even faster. Already algorithms are being used to determine which content appears on the user’s news feeds. This has been a defining feature of the product since the beginning, and the algorithms have changed over time.

According to Facebook, AI is responsible for more than just guessing what content users like. Machine learning models rank and personalize News Feed stories, rank search results, highlight trending topics, and filter out offensive content. To identify fake news, the company experimented with using a machine-learning algorithm in 2016. Today what user’s see when they browse Facebook is affected by AI. This is based on the user’s interest and what the network find interesting. The company is in the advanced stage of AI research, development, and commercial application, and for this, some of the top experts are hired who belongs to this field.

Problems with Facebook AI –

By using algorithms to profit by creating division and sowing misinformation, the company is under fire. The company is under fire for using algorithms to profit by creating division and sowing misinformation. Facebook’s entire business model runs on advertisements. The only option to make advertisers pay up is to get users engaging with the platform. By surfacing fake news, hate speech, disinformation, users engagement can be maximized. This problem is both with AI and the company’s leadership. The company’s AI is optimizing towards the aim of maximum engagement. The company has allowed the AI to do that without appropriate safeguards to prevent inappropriate content from surfacing. Facebook’s AI is composed of highly complex algorithms, and no single human likely knows how they all work. That makes regulating the technology itself difficult. 


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