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Fable 4: Here are all the updates you need to know

Fable 4

Playground Games has officially announced that Fable 4 is finally coming. However, we haven’t been given an official release date for the game. Further, it doesn’t look like a 2020 release will be happening. However, the game could drop sometime in 2021 based on how the pandemic situation changes.

The change in developers is expected to aid significantly in the game’s improvements. Also, we’ve seen what Playground studios are capable of. They brought the highly acclaimed Forza Horizon series to our screens so its only a matter of time before we see how they’ve made use of this game’s potential as well.

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Plot and gameplay

Although we saw the teaser trailer of Fable 4 drop earlier this year, it didn’t offer much in terms of actual gameplay. It was more of a short cinematic to show us that the original feel and humour of the series that made it stand out was still in place. However, the studio seems to have taken this project as a top priority as they’ve been working on this game for several years. 

It looks like the game will feel similar to its processors; the gameplay and graphics will have a significant facelift. The RPG will also feature several side quests to take the focus off only the main search unlike the previous games in the series. The game is also set to give the users more control over the competition in terms of building and fighting. As a bit of a curveball, the game is also said to be featuring aspects of time travel in it!

Fable 4

With a much-beloved series on the line, the studio has a lot to prove. The last game of the series came out back in 2012. Further, it faced several difficulties, including a cancelled game and a change of developer since then. The upcoming game is set to be a shot at redemption to win back the hearts of several gamers. Either way, it’ll surely be one to look out for as a breath of relief in these troubling times!

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