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Extraction 2: New Update About The Upcoming Netflix Action Flick Is Out


Joe Russo is expected to be working on the script of the second film.

When it comes to Netflix and action-thriller films, there is no coming in the way. The online streaming platform has been able to launch several thriller projects including the latest one called The Extraction. While this movie continued to receive raving reviews from the audience and critics, announcements of a second film have already been made.

Check out The Extraction trailer below:

It’s a win-win situation for Netflix

After delivering ground-breaking hit films such as ‘Tiger King’ and ‘Money Heist,’ Netflix was able to launch a Chris Hemsworth-starrer Extraction. The movie was among the most spectacular movies, as far as action is concerned. The movie ended up being such a massive hit that it has managed to redefine the extent to which action sequences can be showcased on-screen. This movie was definitely worthy of being released on the bigger-than-Netflix screen. However, the fans are glad that they were able to take a glimpse at what Chris Hemsworth is truly capable of.

What to Expect with The Extraction 2?

According to a report published by Deadline, writer/producer Joe Russo is expected to reprise his role as the co-director and writer for The Extraction 2. He has been a part of the first film and it would make sense if he was a part of the second movie as well. As many might already know, he has also been a part of hit movies like ‘Avengers: Endgame’ in the past.

The project is reportedly going to highly secretive. Along with the return of the project, we also have the same director, Sam Hargrave – who is expected to return alongside it. We would all be hoping that we would also get to see Chris Hemsworth as a main part of the movie again, however, there is something known as wishful thinking.

Will Tyler Rake Return With This New Extraction 2?

There is a high possibility that Chris Hemsworth might be returning with The Extraction 2. This news has further been confirmed by Russo as well. As was seen towards the end of the movie, The Extraction concluded on an open-ended note. It wasn’t confirmed for sure that Chris Hemsworth’s character had actually been killed during the process. It also brought into question as to what the fate of Ovi Junior, will actually be. The character does see a mysterious figure standing on top of him. However, we are not too sure if this mysterious figure is none other than Tyler Rake.

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