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Extraction 2, Chris Evan is likely to be feature in sequel part, Read this to confirm


Our God of Thunder, Thor aka Chris Hemsworth’s film Extraction, which was released in April 2020 became a huge hit film on Netflix. After the finale, the movie opens ups the door for the sequel part, i.e., Extraction 2. So we let you know that Extraction has been renewed with the sequel part. Few days After the finale, Netflix confirms the renewal of part 2. Even show makers have started working on the second sequel. With such news, one more news is spreading over the internet that is about the appearance of Chris Evan in the movie.

Speculations are moving around that Chris Evans is likely to appear in Extraction 2. So, read further to know, whether Chris Evans will appear or not.

But before we start, if a viewer is new to extraction, we let you know that Extraction is actually a 2020 action-thriller starring Chris Hemsworth. In Extraction, Hemsworth trades his enormous hammer for a rifle to end up being Tyler Rake. He is an Australian mercenary who worked with to save the abducted boy of an Indian medication god. The motion picture came down on the streaming company on April 24 as well as is just one of the most well-known movies on the company depending on Netflix’s metrics. The movie has got a great response from the viewers as well.

Will Chris Evans be a part of Extraction 2?

It is not confirmed that our Captain American or Chris Evan be a part of the movie. But, Russo Brothers have an eye on him. Meanwhile, according to the report, we have got that Joe and Anthony Russo, want Evans to be a part of the movie, but it is unrevealed that the brothers have met with him for the deal or not?

We also Reported that Russo Brothers also want more MCU stars and for this, they have prepared a list of 21 actors in which Chris Evans is on the top of their list.

Release Date

We have no official statement regarding the release date of the movie. If all goes well, then it is likely to be released in April 2022. The script of the movie has been written but the cast of the film has not been finalized yet.

Expected Cast

  • Chris Hemsworth 
  • Randeep Hooda 
  • Rudraksha Jaiswal 
  • Golshifteh Farahani
  • Pankaj Tripathi 
  • Priyanshu Painyuli 
  • Neha Mahajan 
  • Sharaf Figar 
  • Suraj Rikame
  • Chris Evan is most expected cast for upcoming season


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