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Ewan Gordon McGregor a Scottish actor early life and career !

Ewan Gordon McGregor is a Scottish actor who has starred in various film and musical roles. He is best know for the roles in Trainspotting’ and the ‘Star Wars’. Before he got his major role he initially acted in low budget films. Because of his good looks and on-screen charisma he has a lot of fan following. He played a challenging role in non-commercial cinema and for which he got praised.

Early Life of Ewan McGregor –

Ewan was born in Perth, Scotland (31 March 1971). His father was a physical education teacher and his mother was a teacher and school administrator. Crieff, a small town in which he was brought up. He studied in Morrison’s Academy and Perth Repertory Theater. Later he went to study drama at the ‘Guildhall School of Music and Drama.

Career Life of Ewan McGregor –

In 1993 Ewan landed in a more role as Private Mick Hopper in Lipstick. Scarlet and Black a British Television mini-series he stared in the same year. Shallow Grave which released in 1994, Ewan got a lot of appreciation for his role. He also won an important award for this. His major breakthrough was in the year 1996 when he acted in Trainspotting.

He was nominated for Primetime Emmy Awards for his role on Duncan Stewart. He was cast for one episode. In Little Voice, he was cast as the protagonist in the year 1998. Evan acted in the theater production of ‘Little Malcolm and His Struggles Against the Eunuchs from 1998 to 1999.

Ewans some the major work includes Trainspotting, Star Wars: the phantom menace (episode i), Doctor Sleep, Moulin Rouge!, Moulin Rouge!, Christopher Robin, etc.

Personal Life of Ewan McGregor –

Evan married a French-Greek Jewish production designer Eve Mavrakis. He has four daughters. He later started following the Jewish faith even though he was born in a Christian family. On his right arm, he made a tattoo with his wife and children’s names. He got separated from his wife in 2020.



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