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Everything you need to know about part 3 of ‘Disenchantment’ 

Disenchantment is a story about the preceding time. It’s an adult animated story with dark comedy. The show was created by Matt Groening for Netflix. He is a well-known creator for his other anime stories. To date, the makers have released one season in two parts with a total of 20 episodes. 

The first two parts gained a massive amount of viewers and are still mounting high. Now the viewers are desperately waiting for the Disenchantment part 3. Here’s everything we know about the cast, plot, and the release date of part three. 

The cast of Disenchantment part 3

The main voice leads will be returning in part 3 of Disenchantment. Abbi Jacobson will give a voice for Bean, the teenage princess Tiabeanie. Eric Andre will be the vocalist for Luci, the personal demon of the princess. Nat Faxon will give a voice for the 18-year-old elf Elfo. Tress MacNeille will be the vocalist for multiple characters that include the stepmother queen Oona. Bean’s father, King Zog, the ruler of dreamland voice, was given by John DiMaggio in the early episodes, and he will be returning for further episodes too. 

The plot of Disenchantment part 3

In the last episode, the king caught a traveller who came to dreamland in an airship. He came from a land where science exists, but the king thought that the airship is a dragon. Bean helped the stranger to get out of the king’s clutch and manages to create a plan against her father. Bean returns to the castle with a gun and tries to warn her father. 

 If by mistake, she kills her father, then she will be imprisoned, and Derek will fight against her as per Odval plan. Oval will try to burn her in the stakes with her friends. In the next part, they will show how she and friends are rescued from the hole and how Dagmar will help them to fight against their enemy. 

Release date of Disenchantment part 3

Disenchantment first part of season one was disclosed on 17 August 2018, and the second part of season one was released with ten episodes on 20 September 2019. The creators have announced that the third part can be expected to arrive in September of 2020. And also, there will be a season two for Disenchantment it will arrive in the middle of 2021.


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