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Every Song Featured On ‘The Half Of It’

Alice Wu’s The Half Of It is now streaming on Netflix globally.

Netflix has been on a roll since the beginning of its origins. A hit after another, it has managed to help people in challenging times like ours, to pass time and feel a little light. The creative minds behind the online-streaming platform have been pushing out numerous innovative romantic and comedy films and series. The list also includes one of the recently released but an absolute hit movie called ‘The Half Of It.’ This is the second movie that had been directed by Alice Wu and it appears like it has become a major hit already.

The movie goes on the feature actors such as Leah Lewis, Daniel Diemer and Alexxis Lemire. It goes without saying that The Half Of It is easily one of the most-watched original Netflix films that has been released this month. One of the main reasons behind the film being such an absolute hit with the audience is due to the songs featured in the series. They are far more enjoyable and give the movie a whole new theme. The scenes are automatically provided the artistic touch because of the beautiful music that is involved. Each of the songs play an important role in setting the tone and mood of a particular scene. Since most of the scenes involved romanticism to a certain extent, it only made sense for the director to ensure that only the best song titles are used.

According to a recent report, most of the music has been created by Anton Sanko. He is primarily responsible for the music behind the film. The report further adds that Sanko already has a total of 76 credits in his career. He has gone on to produce and compose music for many Netflix original films, including ‘Fractured’ and ‘Philadelphia.’

Following given is the full sound track-list of ‘The Half Of It’ that is currently streaming on Netflix:

  • Annie’s Song – Amy Carrigan
  • La Marseillaise – The Warner Bros. Studio Orchestra
  • The Carny – Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds
  • Check Me Out – Photronique
  • Flying Cars – Ruen Brothers
  • Bring on the Rain – Hudson Moore
  • Ek Villain Score Cues – Raju Singh
  • Half Way – Brandi Ediss
  • Takin’ It Easy – Ruen Brothers
  • Ghost Town – Bryan Edwards
  • If You Could Read My Mind – Gordon Lightfoot
  • Masquerade – Michael Fiore
  • Flame – Controller
  • Maybe I – Des Rocs
  • Seventeen – Sharon Van Etten
  • Lonesome – Ruen Brothers
  • If You Leave Me Now – Chicago
  • Break the Rules – Ruen Brother

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