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Evan Seinfeld- Early life , career and net worth ?

Evan Seinfeld Net Worth

Evan Seinfeld is an American artist, entertainer, chief, photographic artist, essayist, and vintage bicycle and vehicle lover who is most popular as the establishing part and previous lead singer and bassist of the band ‘Biohazard’ (1987–2006, 2008–2011). He is additionally all around perceived for assuming the part of jail’s biker group pioneer Jaz Hoyt in the HBO jail show arrangement ‘Oz’ (1998-2003). He was the bassist for the supergroup ‘Democracy,’ which showed up on the VH1 TV show ‘Supergroup.’ He later framed another band called ‘The Spyderz’ and filled in as a bassist and co-entertainer for the band ‘Inked Millionaires.’ In 2011, he turned into the lead performer of the band ‘Attika7’. He has been delivering, coordinating, composing, and showing up in pornos since the mid-2000s. He has done voice representing Rockstar Games, for example, ‘Manhunt,’ ‘Amazing Theft Auto 4’, and ‘The Warriors’.

Early life

In 1987, Evan Seinfeld, alongside guitarist Bobby Hambel and drummer Anthony Meo, shaped the Brooklyn-based band ‘Biohazard’ that melded in-your-face troublemaker and weighty metal with components of the hip jump. The next year, with the arrival of their first demo, they caused debate for verses containing fundamentalist and racial oppressor sees. Seinfeld, himself a Jew, clarified that the band was no bigot but rather utilized such verses as an exposure stunt and to stun the audience members to stand out enough to be noticed. Aside from a two-year hole in 2007-08, when the band briefly disbanded, he stayed with the band for more than twenty years before at last leaving in 2011.

Next to each other his music vocation, he additionally had an effective acting profession and featured as Jaz Hoyt, the head of the jail’s biker posse, in HBO’s jail dramatization ‘Oz.’ He handled the part after certain entertainers from the show watched his exhibition with ‘Biohazard’ and acquainted him with the show’s maker Tom Fontana. He proceeded to show up in an aggregate of 40 scenes all through the show’s six-year run. Later on, in his acting profession, he showed up on a few superstar TV programs, acted in numerous autonomous movies, and furthermore provided a voice to video game characters.


From 2006 to 2010, Evan Seinfeld filled in as the bassist for the brief supergroup ‘Democracy,’ which was framed on, and for, the VH1 TV show ‘Supergroup.’ In March 2007, he shaped the ‘White Line Fever’ with guitarist John Monte and entertainer Daniel Weber, yet the name was later changed to ‘The Spyderz’ in light of the fact that there was at that point a UK band with a similar name. For a short timeframe beginning in October 2008, he filled in as a bassist and co-singer for the band ‘Inked Millionaires.’ After authoritatively leaving ‘Biohazard,’ he joined the band ‘Attika7’ as an entertainer in 2011 and proceeded to deliver their presentation collection, ‘Blood of My Enemies’, on July 31, 2012.

Following his union with Tera Patrick, Evan Seinfeld expected the stage name ‘Spyder Jonez’ and performed close by her in pornos, for example, ‘Tera, Tera, Tera,’ ‘Rule of Tera,’ ‘Edgy’ and ‘Paradise Island,’ the remainder of which he likewise coordinated. During this time, he performed with other porno stars also, and keeping in mind that Patrick quit acting in such movies in 2008, he kept on doing as such before long. He has his own grown-up amusement creation organization, Iron Cross Entertainment, and is additionally the co-proprietor of Teravison with his now ex Tera Patrick. He runs his own ‘Rockstar Pornstar’ site, just as his present spouse Lupe Fuentes’ grown-up site that he helped set up. He deals with all his business tries through the parent organization Sinergy Entertainment.

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Net worth Of Evan Seinfeld

Evan Seinfeld total assets: Evan Seinfeld is an American artist and entertainer who has total assets of $3.4 million. Evan Seinfeld has procured his total assets from a few explicit movies under the nom de plume Spyder Jonez” and as a low pitch guitar player for the Brooklyn based bad-to-the-bone/metal band Biohazard. Biohazard is known as probably the soonest band to intertwine no-nonsense puck and Heavy metal for certain components of hip-jump to make a pristine sound of music. Seinfeld has additionally performed with the band the Spyders and joined Tattooed Millionaires in October 2008

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