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Escape Room 2 Postponed. Will Come Out in 2021

Escape Room

Escape Room might not have been a favorite among critics, but earned a whopping $119 million at the Box Office, having a budget of only $9 million.

The first movie ended after perfectly setting up a prequel, which was set to release in 2020. This did not happen, however, thanks to COVID-19. Read on to get the latest updates on the upcoming movie.

Escape Room 2 Release Date

Escape Room 2 will now grace theatres in the USA on 1 January 2021 and in the UK on 29 January 2021, rather than its initial release date which was earlier in 2020. Escape Room was released in theatres on January 4 2019, meaning the sequel will arrive after exactly 2 years.

As for now, even a trailer would suffice.

Escape Room 2 Plot

The first six players from the first movie were picked owing to the fact that each of them was the sole survivor of a horrific accident, like a plane crash or a carbon monoxide leak.

The $10,000 prize promised to whoever wins turned out to be a scam, as the Gamemaster tries to kill Ben to prevent the secret from getting out. Ben manages to escape with help from Zoey who survived the toxic gas chamber 

The two later find out that the building they were being held captive in belonged to a company called Minos. With no one but each other believing in their story, the duo decide to visit Minos’s headquarters in New York to seek answers. As they prepare to leave, a shadowy figure is revealed to be plotting another escape simulation for the pair, and the movie ends.

It is expected that the sequel will continue the story from this cliffhanger, whilst maybe adding even more unfortunate players to the game.

Escape Room 2 Cast

Taylor Russel as Zoey

Logan Miller as Ben 

Indya Moore – unconfirmed

Holland Roden – unconfirmed

Isabelle Fuhrman – unconfirmed

Carlito Olivero – unconfirmed

Thomas Cocquerel – unconfirmed


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