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Escape Room 2 renewed? When the season going to happen?

Escape Room 2

Escape Room 2 is an upcoming psychological thriller movie, which is directed by Adam Robitel. This a sequel to Escape Room part one. A story about six teenagers who find themselves in a situation beyond their control.

The first sequel was released on 25 February 2019 and was a great hit. The film was an eye treat to the people who love horror films. The storyline and the characters attracted many people. There is no doubt that this film was one of the finest horror films in 2019.

After the success of the first film, the team got renewed for the sequel in 2019 and it will be produced by Sony. And now, the audience expects the same from the second sequel too. Will the cast be able to keep up to public expectations this time also? We have to wait for that. And here we have the details regarding the upcoming film Escape Room 2.

If you are one of those fans who are waiting for the sequel then read further to get the idea about the plot, cast, and the release of Escape room 2.

What will happen in Escape Room 2?

The initial part of the Escape Room was about the six youngsters faced a situation that was not in their control. And how intelligent teenagers managed to use their wits to survive. The plot of the second part is not revealed yet but we can expect that it will be as distinctive as the first part of Escape Room.

The stars of Escape Room 2

The cast includes Taylor Russel who will portray the role of Zoey Davis. Isabelle Fuhrman will be playing the role of Claire. Logan Miller will play as Ben Miller. Anton David Jeftha will be playing as Orrie. Corin Silva will be playing the role of Ensler. Aviana Abrahams will portray the role of Claire. And Thomas Cocquerel, Carlito Olivero, Indya Moore, and Holland Roden will also be seen in Escape Room part two.

When will part 2 coming on-screen?

The second part was renewed just 2 months after the release of the first part. After the renewal of the second part, it was initially planned to be released on 17 April 2020. Due to some issues the screening date was pushed further apart. And now, the sequel of Escape Room is planning to be released on 1 January 2020.

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