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ES File Explorer Pro Mod: Download for Free Here!

ES File Explorer mod

To keep your pictures and folder well-ordered and easily usable, it’s best to have a good file explorer that can help you easily locate and store them. And when it comes to this purpose, ES File Explorer PRO should be the perfect app for your Android devices. Find out all about it with the below given thorough review and explanation.

Additional Information

NameES File Explorer
PublisherES Global
Download HereES File Explorer
MOD FeaturesPremium Unlocked
RequiresAndroid 4.2

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What does it do?

This app provides you a complete and thorough file and folder managing solution. You can use ES File Explorer PRO to keep the downloaded or transferred files safe and in an orderly manner in your storage. Moreover, you can easily gain access to your files and folder within a matter of seconds. On top of that, this app also comes with various different features for productively and conveniently managing your files.

Requirements for ES File Explorer

Since it’s a relatively small app when compared to other storage options, the ES File Explorer Manager PRO doesn’t require your device to have high hardware capabilities. All you need is a functional and running Android phone to start installing and enjoy this app. However, it’ll all comes down to the size of the storage that your device gave which determines how many files would you be able to keep inside your device.

Awesome features of ES File Explorer

  • As we’ve mentioned before, the ES File Explorer PRO doesn’t only come with smooth and flashy experiences, it also features many of useful file managing options for more systematic workflow. Here are a few features that might feel interesting to you.
  • Very much effective in managing your files just like when using a PC
  • You’ll have every accessible option to make the user interface easy just like managing the files on your PC. Each type of file is presented using particular thumbnails, it makes it easy for finding certain files when you need them.
  • In addition, the standard instructions like cut, copy, paste, move, delete, and many more are all available on ES File Explorer.
  • Apart from managing your devices directly, you can manage the folders from your ES Explorer on Computers, Mac, tablet, and other devices. Hence, the files can be easily synchronized between different platforms.
  • The ES File Explore Pro doesn’t only offer the common compression and extraction features, but it also allows users to conceal their files using the AES 256-bit technique. This ensures that your files stay safe without being accessed against your will.
  • In-built photo viewer, music and video player, and more options.
  • Which is why it’s necessary for a file explorer to have its own built-in photo viewer or music or video player to reduce the pressure on the hardware.
  • Edit text files with great ease.

Additional Features

  • ES File Explorer Manager PRO permits the user to open any files in the form of texts. This allows user to do simple changes on a certain file as well as producing their original algorithms of your own. On top of that, you can also make use of the ES Note to write your own important notes and reminders and you can also encrypt them.
  • Clear RAM and kill unnecessary tasks for smooth functioning of your device in a single tap.
  • ES file explorer gives the access to users to scan their phone’s RAM and instantly remove the apps consuming RAM in the background with a single tap. Allowing more RAM space in hardware for other apps to function properly.
  • Delete waste or unused files.
  • You can also get rid of the needless junk files on the system with the ES explorer. As a result, you’ll have more storage space on your device and install more significant apps.
  • ES File Explorer Manager PRO also provide features with a root explorer option. Because of this, users will be having access to their root folders.


  • Ads can be really frustrating if you’re using the free version of any app.
  • This is the only major problem that we face while using any application. You might be thinking that what can a few ads possibly do, but believe me they can be quite frustrating as they make the navigation on the screen very difficult. You might accidentally click on one advertisement and slow down your work flow and some ads can also expose your device to some viruses.
  • On top of that, every time you do any taxing features, like, say you’re extracting some files, and suddenly there would be 2-minute long ad popping off. This is so disturbing if you’re in a hurry.
  • However, if you’re using the pro version of the ES explorer, none of these drawback would matter anymore.

Download ES File Explorer Manager PRO latest Android APK

With awesome features and an instinctive user interface, the app is without any doubt one of the best file explorers available on Android devices. With a high spec hardware, you can feel how powerful and easy going the app really is. Nonetheless, you’ll not regret installing it on your Android devices.

FAQs Related to ES File Explorer

1. Is ES File Explorer Safe?

Yes, it is! We have already scanned the app on virustotal.com and found no problem in it.

2. Why was ES File Explorer Pro removed from Play Store?

The free version of the app on Play Store was executing an ad click fraud, hence the app was removed from Play store in May 2019, including this ES File Explorer Pro.

3. How to download ES File Explorer Pro?

The Pro version of the app was previously a paid version. But after being taken down from Play Store it is now available for free.

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