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End Portal in Minecraft, What is it and How to build the End portal?

End Portal

Minecraft is a video game originated by Markus Persson. It is a sandbox game which was developed by Mojang Studios. Minecraft is the best-selling game and by 2020 is having 126 million users on a monthly basis. It is both a single-player as well as multiplayer mode game. The greatest video game of all time is Minecraft. The gameplay is the players are to explore the 3D world with infinite terrain. In the process of discovering, extracting, and building on earthworks.

What is an end portal?

It is the portal that the player uses to reach the End. It is generally found in the room that lies in the stronghold. This room is found normally underground. This portal room is based deep inside of the stronghold. As of the latest update, it can be only made in creative mode.

Minecraft gives two ways to reach an end portal. In a first way, the players have to create the end portal all by themselves. And the second method includes finding an existing frame that is present in the stronghold.

How to do Ender Portal?

The materials that you need to make an End Portal are a) 12 ender portal frames b) 12 eyes of ender.

There are two major steps in the building of a portal. They are:

  • To build up the frame – The first and foremost thing that you need to do is originate the needed framework for the creation of End Portal from the materials. Then use three end portal frames of them to build one side of the portal. After that now turn to the right side of it and add three more additional ender portal frames for another side of the portal. You also need to make sure that the tabs that are green in color which you see on top of ender portal frames, they are facing the inside portion of the portal. Going to the next step, you now need to turn to the right side and gather another three frames for the next side of the portal. Again, turn to your right side and then add the rest three frames.
  • Adding of the eye for finishing the ender portal – Once you have originated the frame that you need, your next move is to now finish the End Portal. You just need to add the 12 eyes of the ender to do this. Stand in the middle of the portal and then start adding the ender eyes inside each of the ender portal frame-blocks that you have.

Make very sure that you don’t add the 12th one to it. As you are standing in the middle you do not have to add it. And if you do so it will start to activate the End Portal. This will lead you to the End biome. Remember, that you come out of it before putting the last eye of ender. So by following these two steps you can make an ender portal in your game.

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