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Eminem and his dad: Why did they share a bitter relationship?

Famously known as Eminem, Marshal Bruce Mathers III is a song writer and an American rapper. He is acclaimed to be an international fame. The rapper debuted with his album named Infinite in the year 1996 and gradually became famous with his outstanding works. Eminem has always been in controversy for various instances. One of the most highlighted topics that have come with him is about his father. Eminem is heard and seen of having a controversial and conflicted relationship with his father. His estranged father and the chaotic relationship between the son and father always caught attention of media.

What happened to his father?

Marshall Bruce Mathers mostly known as Bruce dies at the age of 67 reportedly of heart attack. He died near Fort Wayne. He faced the attack in his home, though. The famous American rapper Eminem’s dad and the reason of his death remains still unclear and still not recognised. It is said to be out of cardiac attack.

How was the relationship of Eminem with his dad?

It is always seen the famous rapper talking about the conflicted relationship between him and his dad in his songs. Eminem who is 46 years old, confessed to have a stained relationship with his dad. They never have talked or met each other.

Eminem’s mother, Debbie Nelson, in her souvenir that came in year 2008, My Son Marshall, My Son Eminem mentioned about her marital life with Marshall Bruce. Their marriage turned a foul turn when Bruce transformed to being more physically abusive. Debbie then split her relationship with him after Eminem was born.


Nelson also wrote that he never got to know his father, and I did everything I could do to compensate the void. I wanted Eminem to have contact with his father, but his father didn’t want to know about his son. Eminem mentioned about his father most of the times but never had the urge to meet him or talk to him.


It was after Eminem got success and shot too much fame, his father tried to reach out to him. He told The Mirror newspaper in the year 2001 that he’d tried reaching for his son for many years but miserably failed in doing so. His father said that he really wanted to meet his son and is not interested in his money. To this, Eminem said that I always have written letters to him but none of them reached to him. If he really wanted to meet he could have sent me a letter. Eminem was not much impressed by any of his father’s statements.

Did he reconcile with his father?

In many of his interviews he said that he never had a talk with his father. His father also never tried to talk with him. The 2001 released newspaper was kept away from Eminem by his mother. He did not apparently get a chance to reconcile with his father. His father died at the age of 67, but reportedly both of them never got a chance to meet and talk with each other.


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