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Emily Hartridge Dies of Electric Scooter Collision

Popular and incredibly famous YouTuber Emily Hartridge passes away on Friday. Emily was killed on the spot due to a traffic collision of the electric scooter. The pedestrian and people who were the witness of the incident said that Emily’s life came to an end after the impact. Sadly, the YouTuber was too young to die, and she was just 35 years old.

After Emily’s fan came to know about her shocking death, they immediately began to mourn her death via the leading social networking sites across the internet.

How did Emily’s fans come to know about her demise?

From Emily’s Instagram account, a post came into being, which said that the fans are expecting to hear from Emily. Moreover, Emily was about to make a show, and the fans were eager about it. The post also said that via Instagram, the fans would be able to know as to what happened to Emily.

In the last lines of the post, it was written that Emily was struck with an accident the day before and she is no more. Given that Emily is not around anymore, and her fans and people who know her, will not forget her ever. The statement also said that through her work, Emily was able to touch the lives of millions of people. It is hard to accept that a bright light has gone dark. She indeed was an extraordinary person.

Metropolitan Police of London also came out with a statement

The statement said that the electric scooter collided devastatingly with a truck last week on Friday. The victim was a woman in her 30s went through severe injuries and died at the scene of the accident. The police authority is yet to make arrests as the case is at an early stage.

On the other hand, the family members of the victim told the police not to identify the body. The accident was fatal, like the eight other deaths involving electric scooters.

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