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Emilia Clarke starring for a horror film, Murder Manual

Recently, the trailer of the new anthology film Murder Manual has been finally launched. “Game of Thrones star Emilia Clarke is marking her horror debut from this new film. This movie will feature the collection of terrifying and evocative stories from many directors. Emilia Clarke’s starring film is a different addition to the category of the horror film, as it changes the concept of anthologies. The Trailer House, Dual Visions produced and edited the unique trailer for the Murder Manual.

An upcoming anthology of the horror film ‘Murder Manual’ has been directed by some of the magnificent directors, which include Kelly Hallmark, Toni Tikkanen, Michael Escobedo, Sam N. Powell, Nour Wazzi, Douglas Keeve, Matt Newton, Robin Whitten, and others. These all directors have an impressive list of television series and bring a set of his own skills into the film coming from years of insightful TV series and feature films as well. However, the Murder Manual is considered to be an anthology film created with eight horror stories, and every director worked on one story in a proper manner while the trailer of this horror film confirms that all the tales are intertwined in creepy ways.

All the plots are gathered to fulfill the exact purpose of the movie murder manual, followed by horrible incidents. The movie has been made with much dedication, and it is truly shown in the trailer. Click below to view the Trailer:

In the latest launch trailer, we can see that it is starting with a piece of eerie music that lasts throughout the trailer. Snippets are showing horrific scenes of murders and ghosts.

The beautiful “Terminator Genisys” star Emilia Clarke is playing the role of Malu in the upcoming horror film Murder Manual. In this film, Malu is a character of a captive of the circus who tries to escape the torment of her husband. 

Apart from Emilia Clarke, this film is also starring some popular faces in Hollywood, which include Maria Olsen, Sally Hughes, Jeff Torres, Hadley Fraser, Melanie Cruz, Bryan Manley Davis, Sophie Knapp, Anthony Goss, Van Hansis, Brittany Samson and Milly Sanders. 

The film includes the typical collection of protagonists such as ghosts, zombies, and other horror monsters. But it is different from the regular horror anthology because they are structurally related, unlike the previous anthology films, which include V / H / S (2012), The ABC’s Of Death and Creepshow.

The renowned writer Sam N. Powell, Shirine Best, Michael Escobedo, Eleanor Emptage, Matt Newton, Toni Tikkanen, and Alison Yates have written the script of this horror film Murder Manual. And Hewes Pictures, Panacea Productions, and The People Zoo have bankrolled the film. Still, there is no update regarding the release date of this new anthology film. 

The trailer of the murder manual has spine chilling content, which will for sure, not allow the viewer to miss a scene from the start. Apart from this, we have Emilia Clarke in it, so fans are really excited and looking forward to it. 

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