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Elite season 4; What will happen next in Las Encinas

Elite Season 4

Season 3 of Elite just dropped on March 13th, but the fans are already asking for a season 4 and the big announcement was made on May 2020 about the release of season 4. However, a Spanish news site had mentioned about a season 4 and 5 which is already in production.

Release date of Elite season 4

There has been no confirmation about the release date, but the show is expected to be back by autumn or spring next year. Also due to the global pandemic, there can be delay in the shooting of the new season.

The Elite series launched its first season on 5th October 2018 which became a hit because of its clandestine crimes and twists. It is a Spanish thriller teen drama. The original language of the series is Spanish. Carlos Monte and Dario Madrona create elite. At present, the show consists of three seasons with 8 episodes each season. But what is going to happen in season 4?

Plot of Elite season 4

This thriller teen drama held the caught the attention of the people with the very interesting and puzzling murder of Marina. The series revolves around three students from working class background, Samuel, Nadia and Christian who gets scholarship to an elite school after an earthquake destroyed their school. They encounter many problems with the other students as now there is a clash between people who have everything with those who have nothing. This end up in the murder of a student and the story continues hanging us in the question of “who did it?”.

The next two season deals with the disappearance of Samuel and proving Polo guilty. The last season ended in a happy note with few of them going off to New York.

Cast and Characters:

The upcoming season of the Elite series has some familiar and unfamiliar faces. The old cast including:

Samuel played by Itzan Escamilla,

Guzman (Miguel Bernardeau),

Rebeca (Claudia Salas).

These three are going to be in the season 4 as they were expelled and forced to repeat their senior year.

Omar and Ander and Cayetana are also going to be part of this season.

The new casts are

Spanish actors Pol Granch,

Manu Rios, Carla Diaz,

Diego Martin

Martini Cariddi.

And as we know season 3 ended with Lu, Nadia and Malick going off to New York and Carla inheriting her father’s business so they are not going to be part of the upcoming season.

Elite season 4:

There is not much information on what we can expect from the drama but there are predictions of the release date of season 4 to happen in autumn or spring in 2021 with 8 episodes. The plot has not been given yet and we will let you know if a trailer is released but the prediction is that season 4 will explore what will happen if the already existing characters from season 3 cross paths with the new character.

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