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Elite Season 4: Netflix Abandons Old Cast For New

Netflix confirmed that the upcoming season will feature a new cast.

Ever since Elite embarked on its TV-screen journey on Netflix, there is no looking back. It’s been three years since the first episode of Elite released and quite evidently, it has ended up bringing a lot of attention to the show. The success has led to three very successful seasons. The teen genre has ended up taking the spotlight in just three years. The audience loves it and so do the critics. Therefore, it appears like Netflix is willing the renew the franchise with another season.

When Will Elite Season 4 Release?

According to numerous online reports, Netflix is planning on investing in the fourth season of Elite. It would make sense for the online-streaming platform to renew the show because of the worldwide viewership and rating that it has received. Netflix has a history of making decisions on the basis of the number of viewers it has and it has worked out to be quite successful for them.

Many Twitter profiles that generally release news regarding Elite have made the announcement already.


There’s still time till Netflix can officially confirm that there is a fourth season in the making. However, recently, a Spanish publication stated that they have already entered pre-production stages for two more seasons. It seems like we have a fourth and a fifth season in the making.

Apart from this, some of the cast members who are expected to return with this show are Miguel Bernardeu and Itzan Escamilla as Guzman and Itzan Escamilla respectively. The two of them have been posting a lot of different teasers regarding the fourth season on social media. We are expected to see a lot of developments around the production of the fourth season towards the end of this year. Furthermore, we are also expected to see the movie release in 2021.

Elite Season 4 Cast Members

Previously, it was reported that the third season will be featuring the previous cast. However, it seems like the upcoming season is expected to feature a new cast. One of the cast members from the show, Georgina Amoros recently confirmed that there will be new actors joining the group. “It’s a season where the cycle is completed. Another one stars. Get your tissues ready because you will need them. It’s a very complete season.”

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