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Ed Sheeran is the husband to Cherry Seaborn

It might feel like a complete surprise, but Ed Sheeran said that he is a married man. On the other hand, the “Thinking Out Loud” singer is a husband to Cherry Seaborn.

The enormous fan of Eminem on the planet and Lego “House” singer recently had an interview with the iHeartRadio. Moreover, Charlamagne Tha God took the conversation to know about a few things concerning Sheeran’s collaboration album. During the interview, the British songwriter and singer, Sheeran said that presently he is the husband to his childhood friend Cherry. The revelation came into being when Ed Sheeran and Charlamagne were talking about Remember My Name’s lyrics.

Ed Sheeran collabs with Enimen and 50 Cent

The recent song from Ed Sheeran’s collaboration project, Remember by name features both Eminem and 50 Cent. In the lyrics of the song, Sheeran calls forward his wife, Seaborn. As soon as the secret came out, Sheeran did address most of his fans as they need to know the whole story. Later Sheeran told his fans and supporters that he is a husband to his childhood friend.

According to Sheeran, he wrote the lyrics before Seaborn, and he made their marriage official. Ed Sheeran said that he was working on the project before Cherry and he got married. After their marriage became official Remember The Name was the first song that came into his mind.

When did Seaborn and Sheeran marry?

According to Sheeran’s official statement, the couple got engaged to each other back in Jan 2018. A source who knows Ed Sheeran personally said that the singer finally put a ring on it before the last Christmas. The only people who knew about the marriage was intimate family and friends, and the priest.

Technically, Ed Sheeran found himself a fiance right before 2019 New Year. Sheeran found true love in his childhood friends and all fans are happy with Sheeran’s new life chapter.

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