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Dying Lights cheat codes, What are the cheat which makes the game easy?

Dying Light

Dying Lights cheat codes:

Duplicating Object

Encourage a player to the session. Remove any things you intend to repeat. Have the accepted player pick up all the things that you lost. Then, bring the invited player back out of the game with the right to change in the pause screen. This will save the inventory of the invited player. Invite the player back to your game, and let them drop the things you lost for them. Next, make the invited player close the game before saving his or her stock.

There are two ways to achieve this. The first method allows you to have a game or prototype mounted on your hard drive, so it is easier than the second method.

  1. To view a dashboard, press the center PS button. Then, pick a game or demo to auto-close Dying Light with your inventory intact.
  2. Keep the middle PS button and switch the console off. Then remove the power cable on the back of the console and plug it in again. That’s going to keep the stock intact.

Invite a player back to your game and replay the process a couple more times. If the host’s inventory is sufficient enough, give the invited player a larger inventory, and leave with the quit option in the pause menu to save the now larger inventory of the invited player. Then, welcome the player back to your game, and repeat the process to multiply the drop objects. Market discarded things to get an infinite amount of money. Keep duplicating the medkit to have unlimited health. 

Duplicating weapons and endless money

First, buy the “Melee Throw” skill (Power Level 4 and Stun requirements) from the electricity Skill menu. Then, mount your most useful melee weapon (or buy one from a merchant) and throw it down. When the weapon is in the middle of the air, open your store and lower the pistol to repeat it (one fired and one dropped). Repeat this step as many times as you can. Offer all the extra duplicate guns for limitless money.

Simple XP Agility

Step up the abilities “FreeRunning Adept” and “FreeRunning Professional” to earn 40 XP per climb. Go to the Tower and sleep until the night is over (XP doubles in the night). Exit the house, go downstairs, and look to the left to see two barrels in front of a small structure. Climb the barrels and then the R1 building. When you’re at the top of the house, crash back and repeat scaling the barrels and house again to get 120 Agility XP per second.

Simple Survivor Point

Activate the Bolter nesting grounds, and then go to the closest safe house. Wait until night, then get down, kill the Bolter really easily, and sprint back to the safe house for a quick 3,000 Survivor Points. Alternatively, sprint outside and get a couple of the red women spitting rivals to pursue you. Then sprint to the safe house, straddle the fence, and crouch to vomit on you, so they can’t reach you. Stay there until morning to get around 30,000 Survivor Points.

You get double points for anything if you hang out at night. However, you’re still going to earn points trying to endure the night out. For quick Stamina and Survivor Points (and whatever else you feel confident enough to get), hang out in a tall building for the whole night. The key is to stay still. When you’re silent, the zombies won’t hear or see you. You can be in the center of a wide plank, or you can walk all night if you like.

Bonus completion

Just after the game is over, repeatable side quests will be possible again with randomly positioned blue chests holding valuable G.R.E. objects in side missions.

Quick journey

After the game is over, you can use easy travel to all the key areas of the game (Slums, Old Town, and Antenna). This is very helpful when looking for collectibles and finishing all side hunts. In reality, the game doesn’t tell you that you can go back to the other maps or that there is a fast travel alternative. To move easily between the Slums and the Old Town, go to your bedroom in the House. There’s a poster on the wall that lets you move to the other map automatically.

Alternate ending (‘The next’ DLC)

Go to the series of tiny islands that are east of the peninsula. Check for a supply crate on the rock faces. Once there, dive into the water and locate another crater on the seafloor. Keep the nuclear codes out of it. Then find a place that has two open warehouses in the center of a grain silos complex.

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