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Droids of Star Wars, What are the various types of droids?


Droids are the fictional robots. They possess some degree of artificial intelligence. Droids are found in the Star wars science-fiction franchise. The term Droid is a shortened form of ‘Android’. Android, the word which means the robots who are made and designed to look and act like humans. The star wars franchise began in the year 1977. This franchise and its films feature different types of droids. All the droids were designed to perform specialised functions.

What are the various fictional types of droids?

The droids in the fiction were made to perform using various techniques. It included robotics too. Sometimes the actors are put into the costumes and sometimes with the help of computer animation. Basically there are major three types of fictional droids. They are Protocol droid, Astromech droid and Battle droid.

The protocol droid is basically very humanoid in appearance. The specialization of a protocol droid is translation, cultural customs and etiquettes. The very obvious example of it appeared in Star wars. C-3PO is a Protocol droid which is in all the prequels and sequels of Star Wars.

An Astromech droid specialises in the maintenance and repairing of the starships and related technology. They are basically small droids and are versatile utility robots. They have vast kinds of tool-tipped appendages. An astromech droid was introduced in star wars in 1977.

Battle robots are used as an alternative to human soldiers. They are military robots and are easy to control. They are featured in Star wars prequel trilogy. The first battle robot which is a violent killer appeared in Star wars video game.

Droids that are featured in the Star Wars!

There were almost 30 droids that got features in the Star war franchise. All types of them include battle, astromech and protocol droids. They all made the series of Star Wars more powerful. These droids have completely blown the mind and heart of the fans. The are seem to be omnipresent and impact events big or small. Droids are the vital part of Star Wars. Their specific designs and as characters they are much important in the whole of this science fiction franchise of Star Wars.

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Best droid of Star Wars!

  • R2-D2 – it is the rolling arsenal of Star wars. Though small in size, it completely defines the Star wars universe. This little piece of technology is for multi-purpose. It is the mechanic, adventurer and the super computer. R2 will make sure that he achieves the best for his humans. He always had a top-notch plan for everything.
  • C-3PO – the heart of Star wars. He was the centre of attraction in every event of star wars. C-3PO is a very innocent yet the sad clown of the franchise. He was present in almost all the major happenings. You just cannot forget him while talking of star wars.
  • L3-37 – she is the droid who believes in equality. Appeared in Solo: A star wars story, she made other droids free from the oppressors. She motivated them to be themselves.
  • BB-8 – this little guy serves the resistance loyally. He helped in finding Luke Skywalker. A very unique astromech droid brings life to any scene.
  • BT- 1 – this droid is enough to take down an Imperial base. It is fully equipped with blasters and explosives. Triple zero and he make a fantastic duo.
  • Battle droids – they fought the Republic in the Clone wars. They constantly supplied cannon to Darth.




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