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Drake : Why is the rapper and his son in trending?


Aubrey Drake Graham who is born on October 24 in the year 1986 is a Canadian rapper, songwriter, actor, record producer, and businessman. A leading figure in mainstream culture, Drake is credited with popularising the sound of Toronto. He has first gained recognition as an actor in the Teen Drama TV series Degrassi: The Next Generation that came in the year 2001-2007 which focused on a career in music, he left the series after launching his debut mixtape Space for Change.

He launched two more solo films, Comeback Season and So Far Gone, before signing up with Young Money Entertainment.

Drake is the 5th richest rapper in the Forbes List. He was born in Canada and was prepared to amass his own fortune, but Drake is a great spender of the pleasures of living. The previous owner priced the house for $27 million in 2009. When the owner had a liquid cash problem, Drake agreed to purchase the house for just $7.7 million. Eventually, in 2015, he expanded his house and purchased a neighborly estate worth $2.8 million.

About his music career

Drake released an album “Thanks Me Later” in 2010, which appeared number one on the US Billboard 200. He gained major critical milestones with Taking Care (2011) and commercial success with Nothing Was Same (2013) and his first commercial mixtape If You’re Expecting This It’s Too Late (2015); the latter two were graded multi-platinum in the US. Drake’s fourth album, Viewed (2016), stayed on Billboard 200 for 13 senators serve weeks, becoming the first male performer album to do so in more than a decade. It was in markets as a compilation, Drake’s second solo commercial mixtape More Life (2017) has set several streaming records. In 2018, he launched a double album named Scorpion, which three statistical number-one songs on Billboard Hot 100.

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A glimpse of his personal life

From 2009 to 2016, on and off Drake has been dating Rihanna. Almost in all his album studios, he has expressed about his relationship with Rihanna. He is a father to one son Adonis. Adonis is the son of mother Brussaux. The relationship between Drake and her has been quite controversial. They were never open about this. In 2017, even after the broken bond, Sophie gave birth to Adonis. Immediately after their meeting, Sophie was pregnant. Drake kept it as a long live secret for years and finally came up with the news to the world through his Instagram post. He posted a heartfelt caption along with some pictures of his son and his own family.

Drake and his son

Recently during the pandemic when Drake shared a picture of his son, it took by storms in media. Apparently, Drake shared a picture of his adorable son Adonis. Adonis born in the year 2017 is born to Drake and former model and also a French painter Brussaux. Drake in his album in 2018 confirmed his fatherhood. He says that his father kept him out of the world, while he is doing the same with his kid. He is one of his albums also hinted about his kid. The cute, adorable, fair-skinned kid also was trolled on Twitter.


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