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Dragon Ball Super: What Is Frieza’s New Form? How Powerfull Is It?

What Is Frieza's New Form? How Powerfull Is It?

Frieza returns in the latest arc of Dragon Ball Super, and he’s stronger than ever. After effortlessly defeating Gas that Goku, Vegeta, and Granolah had been struggling with, Frieza used his “Black Frieza” form to become even stronger than Goku and Vegeta. Scroll down to know all about Frieza’s New Form and whether will it take over Goku UI.

How Frieza’s New Transformation Will Affect Future Episodes of Dragon Ball:

What Is Frieza's New Form? How Powerfull Is It?

The character Frieza is one such character in the anime Dragon Ball. Frieza has usually been seen as the villain in most of the episodes of Dragon Ball. Now in the upcoming episode, Frieza will be seen in a different new form. This change emerged only because he was defeated previously Goku.

Technically this defeat has motivated Frieza to become more powerful. He realizes that this is the only chance he can defeat Saiyan. Even if we have seen many forms of Freiza, this form is extremely different from the other ones. Let’s read what transformations we can see in Freiza in the upcoming episodes.

How “True Golden Frieza” Will Help Destroy Earth and Beyond

Freiza, this year has been voted as the number one villain among all the anime villains. After getting defeated by Goku, he trained himself a lot and lastly ended up naming himself “True Golden Frieza”. During this stage, he accepted the fact that no one can defeat him any longer. Even we saw during another fight with Goku and Vegeta, Freiza almost defeated them with his new form “True Golden Frieza”. When Frienza’s “True Golden” form is active, his energy automatically increases and he feels more powerful within. His speed increases so much that it can be compared to the speed of a Light Bullet.

What Is Frieza's New Form? How Powerfull Is It?

This power can literally help him defeat Super Saiyan. But one most important disadvantage of Freiza’s new form is due to his super fast speed, he gets tired really early, which results in losing his patience. We are very familiar that once he loses his patience, nobody can control his temperament. Freiza has more plans to master this form and make this his permanent form. This new form of Frieza will not only help him defeat Super Saiyan but will also help him defeat any opponent in the world. He believes right now he is so powerful that he can easily finish the whole Earth in one single blast. Also, one uncommon feature of this form is its bulletproof form. Even after being injured at its topmost level, he won’t die.

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