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Dr Stone Season 2 – Release date, Cast & Latest Updates

Dr Stone Season 2

Dr. Stone – a Japanese anime series evolution from the Manga. It is well represented by Boichi and written by Riichirp Inagaki. Since 6th March 2017, it’s been well issued in Weekly Shonen Jump with each chapter directed from Shueishainto thirteen Tankobon books as of November 2019.

The Release Date

Season 2 of Dr. Stone will be released in January 2021, yet there is no specific launch date announced.

Though we did predict we might receive a 2021 release date for its second season, many of us might have not given a thought that it could launch so early in the year, but now we will not complain anymore.

Its first season premiered on Crunchyroll in the morning Saturday’s slot. Although we don’t have any idea of the exact launch date for the second season, we can speculate that it will be again on a Saturday, either the 2nd, 9th, 16th, 23rd, or 30th of the early month next year.

Keep checking the page as we’ll be right back after the announcement of the official date for Dr. Stone is released.

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The Cast for Dr. Stone Season 2

The original cast would be the same in the forthcoming season (Season 2 of Dr. Stone). The cast includes – 

  • Senku Ishigami,  
  • Tsukasa Shishio, 
  • Taiju Oki, 
  • Magma,
  • Yuzuriha Ogawa,
  • Chrome, 
  • Kinro, 
  • Kohaku, 
  • Ginro, 
  • Ruri, 
  • Suika, 
  • Gen Asagiri, 
  • Jasper, 
  • Kasaki, and
  • Turquoise.

the director may also introduce new casts and their characters to be play there respective roles.

The Trailer for Season 2

For fans who were excited, there is a piece of good news!!

An official trailer for Dr. Stone Season 2 released. Check it down below –

The Plot for Season 2

The second installment of Dr. Stone mainly centers on how the conflict between both Tsukasa’s Empire and the Senku’s Kingdom of Science is growing.

Nevertheless, the fans & viewers of the show, in season 2 can also expect a new collection of technological elevations with the age of electricity in full of flow.

Slightly off from the actual plot for its second season of Dr. Stone, we can expect some sort of progressing in their romantic attachments. Will Ruri and Chrome united? or else she will form feelings for Senku? How will the story turn out?

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For an answer to all these questions that are filling us with utmost curiosity stay tuned as we’ll be back with the latest information again!!

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