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Dr Dre Net Worth, How does Dr. Spend his money?

Andre Romelle Young or as we know him “DR DRE” is one of the biggest names in the hip hoop industry. His work has its way around all over the world. Working with artists like Eminem, Dr Dre is pretty big.

He has had a prolific rap career dating back to the 1980s. He rose to fame as a member of the N.W.A. group along with fellow rappers Eazy-E and Ice Cube. In 1992, Dr Dre Death Row Records and Aftermath records in 1996.

Dr Dre’s Net worth

Forbes estimates that  Dr De’s net worth is somewhere around $800 million after he sold Beats by Dre to Apple in 2014 for a huge $3 billion. Dr Dre may not have become “the first billionaire in hip-hop” as he promised in 2014, but he is still one of the richest men in business.

Dr Dre also brought Eminem and 50 Cent into the Hip-Hop industry which also helped to boost his bank balance. Dr Dre originally made his money from his record labels which saw him be a very rich man. Dr Dre is one of the biggest producers and he also does some performances from time to time.

With all of that money he has hands-on he surely knows how to spend it and attracts all the luxury in the world.

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How does Dr Dre spend his money?

  • Cars

Name a luxurious car Dr Dre has, I think it would be easier to name those which he doesn’t have. He surely happens to have an astonishing car collection. He used his money to purchase the best motors in the world. Dre chooses luxury over speed and happens to have those vehicles that are known less for their speed but more for their luxury.

His collection includes hummer, Bentley Continental GT, a Chrysler 300, and more.

  • Luxurious Homes

Dr Dre happens to own $80 million worth of property in Los Angeles alone. this including a $12.5 million Malibu beachfront property.

Just a few weeks after the Apple deal was announced, word spread that he had paid $40million for the 14,000-square-foot Brentwood mansion that New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady and supermodel Gisele Bundchen had built from scratch.

  • Holidays

In 2018 he revealed that he whisked his wife (now ex) to New York on a helicopter to watch Hamilton for their 22nd wedding anniversary. The former couple’s Instagram is filled with luxury breaks. They of course like to vacation in the Maldives and Turks and Caicos.

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