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Doom Eternal: Sneak peak of the game’s walkthrough!


Doom Eternal is a game developed by id software. It is published by Bethesda softworks in the year 2020. It is the fifth game of the series of Doom eternal. The first game was released in 2016. It is a first-person shooter game. The game doom eternal is released for Windows, Play station 4, Stadia and Xbox one. There is planning to develop the game for Nintendo Switch, Play station 5 and for Xbox series. Just like the original game, this story almost follows the same pattern. The mission in this game is to finish the consumption of Earth by hell.

How to play the game of Doom Eternal?

The player plays from a first-person perspective. They have to take the character of Doom Eternal player. They play against all the devilish forces of Hell. The player needs to engage and gather health, ammo, and armor. The player is able to access different firearms. The various firearms are combat shotgun, super shotgun, heavy cannon, rocket launcher, plasma rifle, chaingun, BFG 9000, and ballista.

The doom players need to get more tactics. It is the player that needs to decide when and whom to kill. The enemy and its destruction are completely based on the player. There are various challenges and game hub available in the game.

Where is the game available now?

The game Doom Eternal is released for Windows, Play station 4, Stadia, and Xbox One. It is also downloadable content. It is for sale on various online platforms. Players can buy this game from Flipkart, Amazon, and Gameloft, etc.

The Doom Eternal walkthrough!

The Doom Eternal game is full of deadly demons and to get through them is quite difficult. The deadliest of them all is Marauder. It almost has the same moves as that of a doom slayer. There are in total 13 missions in the game. And given below in the article you will find the complete guide to it.

The 13 missions of the game.

  • Mission 1- Hell on earth – It is quite straightforward. It is provided with all basic tutorials. The player can easily get acquainted with it.
  • Mission 2- Exultia – You need to make the best use of your wall-climbing ability to cross the broken bridge. Then quickly attack the zombies in next room. Punch the wall to find your first combat.
  • Mission 3 – Cultist base- the player need to explore a cultist base which is on a snowy mountaintop. Make sure to avoid the orange traps.
  • Mission 4 – Doom Hunter Base – kill all the soldiers and amps in the train by using the rocket launcher. You will find a Pinky and then some floating walls.
  • Mission 5 – Super Gore Nest – this mission has an area which has multiple levels. Kill your enemies and find the blue and red Gore keys.
  • Mission 6 – Arc Complex – the fight here will be lengthy for the players. They will meet the marauder.
  • Mission 7 – Mars core – Rip off the cacodemons in this mission.  Then cross the lava field.
  • Mission 8 – Sentinel Prime – This step is full of surprising focus on the story. So it is quite straightforward.
  • Mission 9 – Taras Nabad – destroy enemies in this step. Recharge your crucible in this by using the pick-ups.
  • Mission 10 – Nekravol part 1 – Kill the marauder here to open the doors back in the main room.
  • Mission 11 – Nekravol part 2 – The combat arena is big in this mission. Shoot the tyrant and jump into the Argent stream.
  • Mission 12 – Urdak – travel to the central platform and get ready to fight the next boss.
  • Mission 13 – Final sin – in this mission it is the time to test all the skills that you have acquired throughout the game. These skills will help you defeat the main boss.

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