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Dolly Parton: The net worth of America’s beloved country singer and humanitarian

Dolly Rebeca Parton is an American singer, actress, businesswoman, songwriter, author, and humanitarian. She’s best known for her beautiful country songs and music. She was born on 19 January 1946 in Tennessee, the fourth of twelve children.

Early Life of Dolly Parton

Ever since her childhood music has played an important role, and many of her early performances were in churches. Dolly appeared on the show called, ‘The Cas Walker Show’ at the age of 9, and later signed on a small recording label, Gold band Records. In 1964, Dolly graduated from high school and moved to Nashville. She pursued her career in songwriting, and soon she was successful. Later, she teamed with Bill Owens for various songwriting charts.

Dolly Parton


In 1965, Dolly Parton signed with Monuments Record. Her career didn’t rise in her initial stage of pop songs, but when her country song hit #6 on the chart, Monument Records finally sees the light and gave Dolly a new genre to explore. Her first country single, ‘Dumb Blonde’ reached #24 on the chart. Her second single, ‘Something Fishy’ reached the Top 20 on the country song charts. These two songs featured on her 1967’s debut album called, ‘Hello, I’m Dolly’. The album was an instant hit, and peaked #11 on Billboard Hot Country Album Charts. Her debut album earned her an Academy Award and Grammy Award nomination. She ended up winning the Grammys for Best Country Song and Best Country Vocal Performance. The other notable music album of Dolly Parton are as follows, ‘The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas’, ‘Rhinestone’, ‘Steel Magnolias’, and ‘Joyful Noise’.

Dolly Parton married Carl Thomas Dean in the year 1966. Together with her husband, she helped in raising her siblings, her nieces, and nephews. Parton is also the godmother of Miley Cyrus.

Net Worth of Dolly Parton

The net worth of Dolly Parton is estimated of around $600 million dollars. She has been writing and performing songs for over 40 years now with 41 top-country albums, and 25 number one singles. Dolly has invested her fortunes in her native place, Tennessee through philanthropic works. Her theme park called, ‘Dollywood’ is one of the most visited theme parks in the USA that welcomes 3-million visitors every year. Besides this, Dolly has donated to various charities to support strong causes in the world.

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