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Doctor Who: Which are the best episodes and other updates

Doctor Who

Doctor Who is the revival of the series of the same name which aired back on 28 December 1974. The new series renewed on 1 January 2020 and had a good viewership and support from its fans. Moreover, Chris Chibnall is the writer of this wonderful series. He is also the executive producer along with Matt Strevens. The story follows a very interesting plot which keeps its fans on the edge of their seat. However, the show received positive critics from its audience for its characters and storyline. The thirteenth season is now awaited by many and the fans are eager to know what the team has for them. However, we haven’t got a release date yet but we can expect it to air by next year-end.  To know more about this show and further updates on its sequels., continue reading. Let’s get to know where the TARDIS takes our doctor and friends in the future.

What to expect from the show?

Doctor Who talks about a Time Lord, an alien who uses the TARDIS which is the Time and Relative Dimension in Space, a time machine. Jodie Whittaker uses this to travel through time to fight enemies and rivals along with his companions. They also solve mysteries and take the audience through many adventures. However, the next season will involve the doctor facing the Daleks and her struggles to escape the prison.

Moreover, if asked about some of the best episodes of this series. They are “Fugitive Of The Judoon”, “The Day Of The Doctor”, “Vincent And The Doctor”, “The Stolen Earth”, “Dalek”, “Listen” and so on.

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Other updates on Doctor Who

The new season is taking its shape and the team is working towards the completion of it. The season is expected to air by 2021 but we cannot be sure yet. The cast is ever ready to get back with the team and start production. The delays due to covid also need to be considered.

The main cast of the show includes Jodie Whittaker as The Doctor, Mandip Gill as Yaz, Bradley Walsh as Graham, Tosin Cole as Ryan along with the others.

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