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Doctor Sleep Creators Working On Another Stephen King Film

Mike Flanagan is working on another thriller film.

We all know that when Mike Flanagan and Trevor Macy come together, absolutely magic can be expected. This director, writer and producer duo is perfect if the fans enjoy a horror flick. They have had multiple ventures wherein they have worked together over the course of their respective careers. It appears like joining the long bandwagon of the movies that they have created in the past, is another thriller based on famous novelist, Stephen King’s book.

As can be recalled, the duo were the first to help bring the adaptation of Gerald’s Game and Doctor Sleep into visualisation over the concept of reading books. They also worked on another equally-magical and thrilling film called The Revival back in 2014. According to the latest report published by THR, it seems like Mike Flanagan and Trevor Macy have decided to work on a project together once again. The report further confirms that Josh Boone will also be joining them in this venture. While there haven’t been any talks regarding the release date and the potential production date as yet, it seems like all will remain paused till further notice, especially given the current Coronavirus situation.

What remains confirmed is that Mike Flanagan has already began some of his innovative writing in the upcoming film. He has started his writing duties and it seems like they might be planning on re-making the famous Revival film.

More about The Revival

The storyline typically follows the life of a preacher who finds himself meeting some of his departed family members. However, what he doesn’t see coming in a force much more powerful than humanity itself – the one that comes from the frightening side of another realm. The readers have absolutely loved the manner in which Stephen King has carefully described each and every incident through numerous chapters. Now, it remains to be seen whether the director-producer duo are able to bring it to life.

The biggest anticipating that surrounds the release of the movie, The Revival is exactly how dark or creepy Mike Flanagan is willing to go with his latest project. We have seen numerous works of art from the side of Josh Boone in the recent past. In fact, he has been seen as progressing to be among the most innovative artists as far as the cinematic experience is concerned. What remains to be seen is whether they are willing to take the giant leap towards uncovering something as nasty as The Haunting of Hill House or worse. We are expected to receive further details of the film as the current Coronavirus situation settles down.

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